Date: 9th May 2013 at 2:10pm
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Poles apart doesn’t begin to describe it, and that’s just the work ethic.

We all know the news is full of Ferguson nostalgia, but hearing something last night really struck a chord with me.

Even though his work ethic is well known, they were discussing how every day he came into work at 7am, and was always first in training. The day after they won the title, he came in at 7am to start planning for next season.

The whole work ethic and ethos is so important to him, that it is ingrained in all the staff and the fabric of the club. Everyone knows the score, and if they don’t follow suit they are out. He leads by example, so there are no excuses or hiding places.

Compare that to our manager. Here is a man whose team are perilously close to relegation, and, after a record home defeat, with only three games remaining to save the season he says;

‘We have to put fings right, and I expect everyone to work harder. When I get into training at ten firty, I expect all the players to be there’

Doesn’t that say it all? On the one hand we have a seventy one year old man who gets in first EVERY day, come rain or shine, or even if they’ve just won the league. He never loses sight of how important work ethic and discipline are.

On the other hand, we have a manager who is making an utter balls up of the season, and can’t even be arsed to get to work before 10:30 in the morning even after such a defeat. Even more importantly, he can’t even be bothered to beat the players in after such a defeat.

Why the hell not? What message does HE think that sends?

Is he so arrogant and assured in his position that he doesn’t even need to bother?

What kind of example does that set to players?

Is it any wonder the levels of effort from the players are pitiful, bearing in mind our position? Is it any wonder there’s no real urgency or team spirit, when he’s swanning around without a care in the world.

Maybe he’s just looking for his next sexual conquest when he swans off at 2:30, or maybe has come from his latest one when he gets in at half ten. And don’t get me started on the golf day out they attended.

Poles apart doesn’t begin to describe it, and that’s just the work ethic. Let’s not even compare tactical knowledge and ability….

We’re getting what we deserve with him in charge.

He’s all ego, lies, excuses, bullshit and zero work or genuine heart.

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