Date: 14th April 2013 at 10:33pm
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Alan Pardew needs to be sacked to save the club before it’s too late

Fuming and embarrassed are just two words I can pluck out of many to describe my feelings tonight.

With what I witnessed just over eight hours ago still fresh in the mind, it not promising to leave for a long time yet, all down to months of lies, spin and clueless decision making culminating in one of the worst displays or lack of passion ive ever seen, certainly the least passionate derby ever.

My reaction isn’t fickle as ive had my views from early on but as im a loyal sort, I wanted what i had witnessed first hand to be lessons being learned but it’s obvious to all that they’re not.

We, as fans, witness things with our own eyes or ears and make our own mind up as to how we analyse something but we get the club’s view or Pardew’s mainly which contradicts or is an excuse riddled analysis of what went on.

The players being tired being the latest one.

Everything bad that has happened at NUFC is self inflicted by the regime and their mouthpiece Pardew.

THEY were the ones who didn’t strengthen in the Summer or last year when the champions league placings were more than possible.

THEY are the ones who have employed a clueless bloke to try and keep us mid table to milk the premier league prize money without too much need to strengthen for major competitions.

THEY are the ones who employ the man who continually plays down the club’s chances at anything with continuing remarks that we aren’t a big club or can’t compete bearing in mind we have the third biggest club ground with the third highest average attendance in the country.

THEY are the ones that are continuing to hire a bloke that would have been sacked months ago by any other chairman or owner we’ve had.

Even at the heights of last season, the signs were there of a lack of tactical awareness by the man with this season just rubber stamping that point. The trouble with the regime now is that they think that stability is the cure and it’s not.
If you keep building a wall incorrectly without the tactical knowhow then eventually one day it will fall.

Examples of the tactical non-idea have been regular and with the odd late show or piece of luck to help them to be brushed under the carpet. Fulham last week, probably the worst example yet with seven players remaining in our half when the score was tied and we had the ball on the attack.

The Benfica game another with the first half display amongst the worst ive ever seen with energy levels not being that high due to the slow nature of our passing game.

To then to be told that the players are tired when they’ve only been putting in twenty minute shifts all season is the ultimate piss take.

You can’t fool the fans.

We pay our money and are the sole reason why the club has the reputation it has. Without the fans the club would be nothing, so to be disrespected by way of words is killing the club.

Pardew is killing the club and has to go before it’s too late.


2 Replies to “Pardew Is Out Of His Depth”

  • I personally think he’s a good manager, who has signed some very good players & has a good team around him, including coaching staff. Everton had a season like the one youre having a few years back. Next season you will be right up there challenging again. Keep the faith, you could do a lot worse than Pardew

  • Pardew is, behind Pulis and Hughes, my least favourite manager in England. Dishes out all the blame to his players when you lose but takes all the credit when you win. His tactical knowledge is next to zero, he’s lucky that Newcastle have a lot of top players because otherwise he’d be screwed. You can do a lot better than Pardew!

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