Date: 30th January 2019 at 8:00am
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Newcastle fans don’t deserve what they’re currently being forced through at present. As one of the most loyal and passionate fan bases in England, the Magpies should be amongst the best teams in the country. But they aren’t.

Indeed, under Mike Ashley, things have gone from bad to worse, and there’s no sign of things improving.

In fact, there’s only signs that things could worsen, with Rafa Benitez, as per the Telegraph, refusing to rule out the prospect of a St James’ Park departure before his contract expires in the summer.

Losing him at any time would be bad, but between now and the window would be a hammer blow for the club, and it’s not hard to see why.

Newcastle are struggling in the league at present, and it’s only the job that Rafa Benitez has done that has made them somewhat competitive in the English top flight. You can’t honestly look at our win against Man City last night and place praise on anyone but a few players and, mostly, Rafa Benitez.

You only have to look at the squad to understand the issues. Few, if any, of the players in the squad would get remotely close to the squads of the top 10 teams in the Premier League, and that shows the sort of position that the Magpies are in.

It also shows that Mike Ashley has simply let the club go, and if he lets Benitez go too, that will be the final nail in the coffin.

We honestly thought that Newcastle had turned over a new leaf. Ashley brought in Benitez, and in doing so we had a manager for the long haul. However, with his latest statement, it’s quickly looking to be a matter of when, rather than if, the Spaniard will leave.


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