Date: 14th March 2019 at 7:45am
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Mike Ashley hasn’t been a very good owner for Newcastle. There’s no getting away from that. However, the arrival of Miguel Almiron in January was a huge step in the right direction, with Ashley finally digging into his pockets to land a big name.

It was too soon at that stage to suggest that he was changing. After all, one good deal doesn’t justify years of neglect.

But now, according to the Chronicle, Rafael Benitez has been told that another marquee signing will likely be available on the condition that he agrees his long-term future to the club.

Is this a sign that Ashley is changing?

Well, certainly, Benitez has likely been eager for the club to spend big throughout his tenure at the club, yet he’s often been left short. Take last summer, for example, where we simply didn’t invest in the team and subsequently spent months battling relegation.

Now, the summer is still a few months away, yet there’s already this talk of major signings. Is the main motivator here the idea of a new contract for the manager? That seems pretty obvious, but the very fact that Ashley is willing to put his money where his mouth is in order to keep an asset as important as Benitez does indicate that change has arrived at St. James’ Park.

We can’t be expecting 3 Almirons to arrive this summer, that would be foolish, but the mere prospect of the club signing another £20 million+ player in the coming months indicates a new era at Newcastle – with Ashley leading the way.

If he comes through with these promises, Ashley will certainly be on a slow path to redemption. But we’ve been here before. We’ll believe it when Benitez has signed a new deal and he’s got his arm around a flashy new signing.


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6 Replies to “Opinion: Mike Ashley may finally be turning into the Newcastle owner that fans deserve”

  • Ashley tuning into what United fans want?….. an ex-owner!

    This owner has taken the club back decades and ‘Trophy Signing’s’ will take us from 1971 to 1972 only 47 years behind the times.

    Both Liverpool and Newcastle have turned the clock backwards….. but only one club has gone forwards in the last twelve years.

    Ashley is what he is I’m afraid….

    …..A Chelsea fan with malevolence aforethought towards a club and fan base he hates.

    A promise to spend is just that, to make it look like he’s trying to keep Rafa by allowing a ‘trophy signing’….. it was never a policy to do anything but pacify stupid journalists and gullible fans anyway….. a shirt seller.

    It will probably work…..the trick always did.

    We always had backward owners, backward local press and fans.

  • Ridiculous article. He has a lot more to do than make one 20 million signing. He’s abused this club for 11 years.

    For a start he can:

    – Bring in advertising revenue
    – Stop selling off land around the stadium to make profit for himself
    – Invest at least 40 million in the squad every season
    – Clean up and maintain SJP
    – Give Rafa a new contract
    – Stop hanging around with bottom feeders and pond scum who profit off our misfortune
    – Hire a new PR & communications department
    – Bring fans onto the board

    If he does that, he will be halfway to proving himself a fit owner.

  • I totally agree with the comments given above. Rafa wants control of signings but also wants a shakeup of the club’s structure going forward. He would love a big signing but he wants quality throughout the team and one big signing is not going to necessarily provide that need.
    Ashley allowing Rafa to sign Rondon on a permanent deal would say more but Rafa won’t be fooled by all this pathetic media hype. He has a plan for taking the club forward and regardless of signings or increased wages/contract extensions that is his bottom line. Ashley will not spend the money needed to bring the facilities up to ‘standard’ and will revert back to his old ways once Rafa puts pen to paper.
    Nothing will change and Rafa will be gone in the summer leaving our club to fall even further behind the likes of Brighton, Bournemouth

  • He’s not spending his money though. Almiron was bought with a loan off Barclays bank. Ashley is still taking all the profits out the club for his other business ventures.

  • When did Ashley start writing articles? Haha. This is unadulterated drivel and if you’re a Newcastle fan you should be ashamed of the content of this. Ashley would need to buy 10 20m+ players to A, compete at a decent level and B, undo the years of hold the club back he’s done.
    You should be sacked

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