Date: 15th February 2019 at 8:00am
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Amanda Staveley has recently been speaking with The National regarding her interest in Newcastle, and much of what she’s had to say should be of interest to Newcastle fans.

She said: “We [her company] are big fans of Newcastle, big fans of the team. We have no issue with Mr Ashley”.

She continued: “It’s still an interesting club to us, the fans are fantastic, but we are looking at a lot of clubs.”

Clearly, then, she’s interested in the club, and that just goes to show how incompetent Mike Ashley is. It’s clear just how keen she is on Newcastle, naming the team and the fans as motivating factors, and so for Ashley to suggest that she wasn’t serious certainly comes across a huge error in judgement.

By all accounts, Ashley is eager to sell, and the fact that he’s playing hardball makes little sense. We all know how money-centric the businessman is, but perhaps it was finally time for him to make a decision that simply made sense for all parties. Newcastle are struggling under him, he doesn’t want to be there and Staveley is interested; yet somehow, it just didn’t happen.

The reality, though, is that this could come back to bite the Magpies. Eight words that Staveley said should be of real concern to Newcastle fans: “We are looking at a lot of clubs”.

Clearly, then, she’s no longer just looking at Newcastle. Other teams are in the equation, and that implies that by no means will another move for the club come. Perhaps, then, Ashley’s lost his chance to sell the Magpies – as there doesn’t appear to be a queue of others waiting at the door to secure a deal.

For a businessman that has made his career on striking smart deals; this decision looks to have been a total bust from Ashley.


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