Date: 21st November 2017 at 12:25pm
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With the sale of Newcastle United hot topic at the minute, just actually believing there is a chance of this going through is hard enough to imagine before you take in the opinion of the usual mouth pieces that speak of the club.

Like yesterday, we’re getting contrasting reports as to where we actually are in the process with people not really knowing anything, all of a sudden being the expert on everything that is going on. Regardless of it supposedly being a legal matter not allowed to be discussed.

Like a tennis match, the media has it to-ing and fro-ing between a bid being close to being accepted or one side being unhappy with the terms and the reality is still that we dont know.

There’s far too many myths around what Mike Ashley needs to sell for in relation to profit etc as he’s had hundreds of millions of pounds worth of business done on the back of us.

Let’s also not forget what he actually paid for the club. Forget the debt or deferred future payments for players etc because he didn’t make the checks in advance like a proper business would do, so he should pay for the risk in my opinion.

Ashley paid £55m million for a stake in us which eventually led to a full buy out of around £134m. As far as he was concerned at that time, that was that and he was in for the quick profit on the back of advertising his tat brand.

The fact that there was future income already spent and a bank loan to pay off is not a sob story that he should be rewarded for and he is lucky he can command a fee to pay off his mistake.

All in, the payment for 100% as well as all the alleged payments to clear the debt is supposedly around £260m. Not a penny more. Let’s not forget the many seasons of diverted income streams and various other spin offs he’s had and he’s done very well out of us and if a bid of £300m was forthcoming then it is more than he deserves for a catastrophic ownership that threatened to strip the soul out of the club.

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