Date: 19th October 2017 at 1:27pm
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It’s been said many times in the past that Newcastle United have always been for sale under Mike Ashley with the whispers starting when it was said he bought us for a quick profit.

As time has moved on and the real intentions laid bare as in promoting his sports shop, stories have still been rumoured in social media of a deal to sell the club being close before it being messed about by amateurish dealings.

This time however, the bandwagon has rolled on with TV appearances as well as the release of statements all suggesting that Ashley really does want rid this time.

What needs remembering though is that we’re still in the middle of an important season for the football club and we cant take our eyes off the job.

All this takeover talk, which im expecting to collapse and go quiet still due to my negativity that has been instilled by the Ashley years, mustn’t be allowed to affect the players and the crowd needs to be fully behind them as per usual.

It would be easy for some of our players and especially under weaker managers than Rafa Benitez, to hide or under perform if they think some rich oil baron or crown prince was going to come in with unlimited funds to replace them with better come January.

Im guessing Rafa has this and will surely have a word to reassure the better performers that they’ll be rewarded with a place here.

Hopefully all this talk isn’t a smokescreen for yet another poor spend in a transfer window but also, the squad can’t use their own as an escape from a hard job ahead.

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