Date: 19th December 2017 at 10:02am
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With Mike Ashley’s NUFC ownership containing a few porkie pies, the recent talk of selling the club has been met by many with the usual pantomime answers ahead of the festive season.

Others have been cock o hoop with them celebrating every seemingly positive update in the media like a gladiator slaying his victims.

Realistically though, with takeover talk just a mixture of silence and the odd rehash of old news, the desperate public are easy prey in the eyes of the media and it seems they are adding to the already confused scenario by adding their own confusing angles.

One minute we’re close to a deal before they take the high horse and tell everyone it’s not as close as we’re making out and that’s after they’ve ran the original claim to death. Cheers Sky Sports.

Anyway, it’s now the turn of the infamous transfer rumours which must be a favourite of the media when the reality of this is that over 95% of claims are just utter lies with no-one bringing them up on it.

Officially, Rafa Benitez has stated many times that he is hoping for additions with his story changing from one where we’d have a takeover target list and then another if we didn’t but this has changed recently.

As it stands, Rafa has said numerous times that it is difficult to target players as we dont know what budget we’re working to but that hasn’t stopped the usual suspects linking Rod, Jane and Freddie.

This week we have The Mail seeing Leicester’s Slimani being approached, The Shields Gazette saying that we want David Luiz on loan, not for wages over 100k a week we wont as well as the red tops continually linking Daniel Sturridge and Danny Ings of Liverpool on loan.

With two weeks to go until the transfer window creaks open, we’re in our most unprepared state to strike in what could be our most desperate shop yet. What a confusion.