Date: 4th October 2017 at 9:23pm
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The Mike Ashley tenure-ship of Newcastle United has had many sub stories but one aspect of it involves the sale of the club and with it a modern day tale of the boy who cries wolf.

So many times since Kevin Keegan was constructively dismissed back in 2008 have we heard rumours of interest or of Ashley wanting to sell that it seems to fit an agenda to suit.

When things have been going bad for Ashley or a get out of jail card has been needed, the old ‘for sale’ stories get wheeled out and as per usual some would fall for it. Meanwhile in the background, Ashley makes whatever he does out of the club against a backdrop of the football club not being run anywhere near it’s potential.

Something there stinks but with the advertising prospering Ashley’s other interests as well as likely spin offs for him in other ways, it works for him.

The normal Newcastle fan knows that the hope for better things completely went until Rafa Benitez came in but even that is capped to a certain degree with the many PR stories following the club around when transfer window time comes round or anything where the club has to have some sort of ambition.

Ambition costs football clubs money and with Ashley not intending to want the club realistically anywhere but mid-table, it’s no wonder the constant stories of sales get exaggerated by people who desperately want the club to regain it’s hope.

The stories from the weekend of Amanda Staveley being up here and talking to one or two of our important heads just fits everyone’s agenda. For us the fans, it’s a chance to dream that our club could one day be about a blank canvas ahead or a time to dream of uncapped expectations rather than the Ashley premeditated script of doing just enough to keep the club in the spotlight of the world and reap the rewards that pays out.

Once the smoke from this clears, I wonder which direction we’ll be in because it may not be the path that many of us expect.

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