Date: 12th April 2013 at 10:24am
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A fan’s view of last night’s game against Benfica.

Well done lads! We came within minutes of putting the best team in Portugal out of the Europa quarter final.

They’re some team, and it would’ve been amazing if we’d put them out.

Well, yes, I guess so. That’s if you believe everything you hear and read.

I’ve heard the last few days that Thatcher was actually great for this country, and we should all be thankful for her policies.

Hello, and welcome to the island of propaganda plc. Here we’ll look after you, and give you that lovely feeling of reassurance without you having to do a damn thing.

Come on in and relax in the Ameobi suite. Just lie back with minimal effort, and all your woes and worries will be soothed away.

But what of the match?

We came close to beating the mighty Benfica didn’t we?

Errr, no we didn’t. Or should I say they weren’t. We spent over an hour extremely conscious of our defence, afraid to let the shackles loose. This wasn’t the mighty Benfica. It wasn’t the mighty Benfica last week either.

They are a decent team, with some lovely inter-passing, but by God they have a useless keeper and a quicksand defence, right the way through. This is a Benfica that any decent team would score against again and again.

Let’s have a look at last week’s game. We started off fantastically, took the lead deservedly, and then sat back through Pardew’s obsessive pessimistic tactics. A back 8 please. Same with the start of the second half. Dominated for ten minutes, then two banks of four.

I saw the same pathetic pessimism in this game. Sitting back obsessively until 7/9th’s of the game has gone. It was even said in the press beforehand. 70 minutes, then we might go for it.

What is the point in doing this? I just don’t get it? What is the point in having first team players waste their time, knowing they’re not allowed to fully attack, until we have a few minutes to do so.

Cue, Ben Arfa, then Marveaux.

Ben Arfa obviously isn’t fit, but why the f*** didn’t Marveaux play a bigger part?

We HAD to win this 2-0 or better, yet we set our stall out to draw 0-0 and nick it 1-0 if we’re lucky. What the hell is that all about ? 70 minutes of shìtey scaredness…

If we’d won this 2-0, bollocks to Sunday. The whole town and club would have been absolutely buzzing. It would ADD to what we are doing for the rest of the season, not detract from it. We probably only need 3 points from 6 games. I couldn’t give a fùck about the gypsy scum if we were in a Europa semi final.

I’ve waffled on, but I haven’t even touched on the fact that Ben Arfa is several light years ahead of everything we have. About ten billion light years ahead of his manager. Did anybody notice him giving Shola advice as he ‘ran’ on? He really wanted to win this once he was on the pitch, and only his fitness stopped him from doing so. His natural skill, then alertness got him onto the ball to Shola, then Cisse.

But let’s give Pardew the credit.

Frankly, I find that hard to stomach. if we’d been outclassed by a Bilbao or Madrid of yesterEuropayear, then fair enough, but this is not a brilliant team we played. Even 3-1 down (Two shit giveaway goals remember) we still had the upper hand when we TRIED.

Pardew is too shìt scared to go for it, and it shows. We could easily have made a Euro semi final, yet we had no balls or guts to go for it. These things don’t come along very often these days, and I suspect that’s the last time we’ll have any involvement for 20 years.

I’m annoyed at this performance. Really annoyed. A chance lost due to pessimism and lack of faith.

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4 Replies to “NUFC Not Good Enough For Me”

  • While the tactics were a tad negative, lets put it in perspective. While benfica aren’t world beaters, they are also unbeaten in over 30 games, and only BARCELONA have beaten them by two clear goals this season.

  • Spot on Plats. Within minutes of Marveaux and HBA arriving on the pitch we looked a different team and had the beating of Benfica ! Pardwho will never risk attacking before “consolidation” unless there’s only two minutes to go 🙁

  • I have to admit I agree with the criticism of Pardew tactically and not just this game. NUFC are a poor team, regularly give away posesseion, poor at passing and poor at set pieces (unless Cabaye plays well we are even worse), and yet we have some really good players. I see Wigan play much more impressively and fluently despite having an inferior squad, so where does the issue lie!! I fear for NUFC future under Pardew unless he can dramtically improve tactically

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