Date: 3rd September 2014 at 12:05am
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I hope it comes tumbling down around Pardew’s and Ashley’s ears! I simply don’t care any more and that’s the bottom line.

Looking at our immediate fixtures and factoring in the way we’re playing we might be lucky to go into the first derby with over 10 points! It’s laughable but completely warranted due to the lunacy/greed/arrogance and sheer disdain for customers/supporters that the powers that be show. We reap what we sow.

I hope it comes f****** tumbling down around Pardew’s and Ashley’s ears! I simply don’t care any more and that’s the bottom line. I will always be a Newcastle supporter but I will always see the bigger picture first, it is clear that this incarnation of NUFC is a rotten husk that needs to be culled so that what was once good can grow again.

I honestly don’t care if we get trounced every week, f**k me I’ll even continue to hoy a bet on losing 3-0/3-1 every game to make a bit of coin out of the sorry affair. It simply doesn’t hurt when we lose any more, nor do I feel anything when we score. If anything each goal we score, even as few and far between as they are, feels like a negative!

I’m simply numb! The only thing I really feel is a frustration that there has been no fight against repeated slaps to the face. The next time someone tells me that Geordie’s are a proud people I’ll laugh at them in the face. There is no pride or passion in this city anymore only a delusional, comical conforming to stereotypical facsimile of what once was. It’s a sham club with sham supporters.

I hate Mike Ashley. I hate Alan Pardew. I hate every single incompetent member of the NUFC coaching setup. I hate Graham Carr for being complicit in the Fordist model of running a football club as a production line. I hate Wonga. I hate the Sh*te Direct signs that are plastered all over the ground. I hate Puma. I even hate the italicised Newcastle United lettering that replaced the old writing adorning the stand. I hate all of the other cheap branding for other crap, affiliated companies emblazoned on the hoardings.

Above all of this though I hate any idiot that has bought a Wonga shirt and happily trots about as if it is some sort of reason to be proud. In reality it is an emblem of your idiocy, an indicator that you are a sheep. You can’t think for yourself or achieve abstract thought. In essence you are the reason this club is fucked.

People may have their reasons for still attending and I am not here to pick fault with their reasons etc. I believe in free will and it’s past the point of standing up however anyone who was present last season and sat and undermined the walk out, you are a band apart. Complicit with the Wonga wankers mentioned above. When the time came to stand up you didn’t.

I hate for their supposed ‘neutrality’. I hate the Chronicle for towing the line as if the ‘sensational’ headlines the club supplies them with punts any more of the shambolic tabloid than if they fought the good fight. I hate each and every ‘journalist’ that doesn’t push Pardew on his utter verbal diarrhoea. I hate players such as Eliot and Steven ‘the Geordie’ Taylor who know they are simply not good enough to be at this club so rim a manager that they know likewise shouldn’t be at the club in order to suck the lifeblood and cling on like the parasitic organisms they are.

Hopefully enough pride and passion does still exist and reside in enough of us to actually present a united front. I know I love where I come from and being a Geordie. I am proud of what this city was, I am proud of what this football club was. I am proud of what this city is but I can’t say the same for the ‘Geordies’ that now reside here nor can I say the same for the entity that ‘lives’ in NUFC’s place.

I know I love my Newcastle United and what it means to me. I know, when people I encounter ridicule NUFC or the results that are inflicted and endured, I take solace in the fact that they aren’t talking about my NUFC but Mike Ashey’s.

My NUFC may not exist any more and I hate that but it will always be a pyrrhic victory for Mr. Ashley if his NUFC goes up in flames and he loses everything.


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  • you daft bugger
    ya losing the plot what a load of garbage …you really need to seek professional help son…riddled with temper and expletives
    in this football league you have in the final analysis one overall winner
    and 19 losers every year it will never change …always 19 losers
    note the losers outnumber the winners … so its not too bad at all if nufc end up in the top 5 ….perfectly respectable to be in top ten or mid table if we were in bottom 5 2 seasons in a row time for change for sure …but to talk like you do to impressionable younger folks who might read the bile you spew out criminal.
    you have a bitter and twisted viewpoint ….
    get a good nights sleep take up yoga drink horlicks
    and above all get help

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