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Continuing the series of the opinions of a fan on their club amongst other things. This week it’s Platinii.

Morty took the reigns again this week and got down to the nitty gritty with Platinii.

Michel Platini is probably the most universally hated man in football, why did you pick him as your username?

Certainly nothing to do with his UEFA role. Just thought he was a beautiful footballer to watch and the French team of that era were superb.

Where do you hail? Are you a born and bred Geordie?

Not originally, but moved to north Northumberland at the age of four and have been in the North East ever since. Kind of an adopted Geordie/Northumbrian really.

Can you remember your first game at SJP?

I went to an away one before going to St. James’. Minibus from school took us down to Anfield in 84/5 I think it was. We got tonked 3-1, and I’m sure Waddle was the scorer, but I mainly remember how noisy the Newcastle fans were compared to the home fans. We outsung them the whole game. Didn’t go to St. James’ until a couple of seasons later against Oxford in a pretty forgettable game.

Any Newcastle United heroes over the years?

Has to be Beardsley really. Not only the most skilful player, but also worked his arse off and loved playing for us. I also thought Robert Lee was an absolute gem and always wished better for Stevie Watson. Don’t think he ever wanted to leave.

What’s your favourite NUFC goal?

Almost impossible to pick. Watson hit one against Coventry. I was right behind it and it went straight as a dye. Tremendous strike. Albert’s iconic chip against Man U was played to death on Sky, but it summed us up at the time. Thought that was the start of us winning the title.

Best match been to?

The Barcelona 3-2 was amazing. To nearly go 4-0 up against a world giant was the stuff of dreams. Incredible magical atmosphere that night. Asprilla was unstoppable. Also the 5-0 and 4-3 Man U match and of course the 5-1 humping of the unwashed.

A lot of supporters are starting to lose patience with Pardew, what do you think of the job he`s doing here?

He’s done a great job footballing wise last season, but I agree with many in that we never played that well. We were very resolute and had some great flair performances, but always felt we rode our luck a bit. This season he has to earn his corn, and his bowing to Ba’s demands shows weakness.

It goes without saying that I still don’t trust him at all. He’s spent his whole tenure here lying to us, covering up for Ashley, and this season is no different. If he could learn to shut his mouth and get on with it, and maybe stand up to Ashley for what’s good for the team then he may well receive some sympathy. It’s unlikely though.

If he was to go, who would you like to see replace him?

I don’t think we should be talking about replacing him. As much as I don’t like him it’s not what we need right now. Anyway, he’s not here because he’s good enough, he’s here because he’s Ashley’s stool pigeon. If he did go, maybe someone like Martinez. I think he’d do really well given time and money for players.

Who is the most underrated player at the club?

He’s probably not that underrated these days, but Santon never stops impressing me, especially considering his age and how quickly he is adapting his game to the English league style.

Which realistic signing would you like us to make in January?

Debuchy would have been perfect. Simpson cannot cross or beat a man to sav his life and his defending is often limited. We need better on that side. We also desperately need a new centre half and experienced midfield cover. I think we miss Guthrie.

From your time as a fan, who would make your NUFC all-time XI?





(Asked by Old Leazes) If Newcastle ceased to exist tomorrow then where would you get your football fix? Or would you just give it up altogether?

I’m already less than enamoured with the game these days. Money’s always been around, but the effect it leaves has gotten worse and more noticeable each season. Ashley’s time here has brought it even more into focus.

Football is about fans, noise, skill, endeavour, being up against it, excitement, commitment, the collective, the tribe, the heartache, the joy, the unbearable tension of leading by one to the end, the unbearable tension of being one behind to the end, seeing the players feel the same way. Unfortunately a lot of that has gone. I honestly don’t know what I’d do. Maybe leave it for a bit, but I’d probably come back. I certainly couldn’t support anyone in the top four divisions, but would perhaps start following lower league local teams. Let’s hope it never happens though!

If you could be manager of NUFC for a season, what changes would you introduce to try and end the long wait for a trophy?

I’d change the style of play to make us solid, but most definitely intent on attacking and counter attacking. I’d build a team around Ben Arfa and make sure he was well supported. I’d sort out the Ba situation (if there is one) and any other dissenting voices. Team spirit and togetherness is everything. Just look at what Hughton created. I’d also ensure the fat man opened his wallet, and if he was reluctant I’d make him see just what an opportunity it could be for his benefit if the team was flying. I’d also bring back level 7. That and a cracking team would have the place rocking.

Casting an eye away from our club, are there any other teams you`d like to see do well this term?

I’m not bothered about anyone else, but I am liking what Hughton is doing with limited resources at Norwich, so I guess I’d like to see them do well for his sake. Also liking Laudrup and the football they play, so more of that than the Stoke’s of this world. Also glad to see the job O’Neill is doing. Great stuff.

Who do you tip for the title this season?

Man United, just because of Van Persie effect. They’re awful at the back and average in the middle. Man City seem to have lost a bit of their edge, with some under par performances. They seem to believe their own hype.

You`re on Twitter, care to share your usename?

Yep, it’s @foolishb0y I’ve not been on long and don’t know how long I’ll stay with it. Some interesting stuff and lots of shite on there!

How do you see social media`s effects on modern day football, is it a positive thing?

It sounds great that the ordinary fan can connect to players and journalists, and everything is so much more accessible. However I don’t think it works. It’s led to a culture of the footballing clueless having too much of an opinion and interest in football, seemingly just because it’s popular. You only have to listen to the calls on 606 as an example.

How long exactly have you been a member of Talk of the Tyne?

About four years. I was on the rivals site, and just followed it from there. It’s the first football forum I visited, and I’ve looked at others. They just aren’t the same.

What’s the best/worst bits about it?

The best bit are the posters. A diverse crowd, many with strong opinions, but take out the WUMS I think there’s a good deal of respect under the surface between posters and their opinions. There’s also some great threads and interesting viewpoints. It also led to me meeting many of the lads, and they are all pretty much sound. I doubt may of the other forums have that sense of community. I’m liking this new feature too, though I’ll probably knack that up for everyone else! The talk in with a fan of our next opponents is also really interesting. It’s good to hear their thoughts.

The worst is the WUMS, and those whose aim is just to disrupt. Sad and pointless existence really.

Anyway in which we can improve it?

Get rid of the WUMS, and keep up with the innovating. It’s improving things, and in time I’m sure some of the lost posters will come back.

What’s the best thread you’ve read?

The daftest and funniest was the shits thread and Tino’s final meltdown and outing by the Millwall crew. The David Cameron one was interesting and took some twists and turns. There are many interesting threads and posts on nufc. Always someone to make you think. An honourable mention to BBM’s final hospital updates and musings from travelling up and down to Scotland.

Most annoying poster/s?

I wouldn’t give them the oxygen of publicity. The usual suspects.

Who speaks the most sense?

There’s quite a few. Toon_Demon, p_m, Taff, Birdy’s, Jiggy’s always seem to have balanced views.

Mike Ashley has been a consistent thorn in the side of supporters, what do you think it`ll take for the fans to forgive and forget?

I know some never will with his treatment and lies over Keegan, the same with Hughton, the horrific advertising for his shit company which is FREE, the disbanding of level 7, the unbelievable renaming of St. James’ Park, the ‘sealing in of the ashes’, the constant lies, the relegation. The evidence is pretty damning for some of us, but I dare say some openness and truths and of course a trophy would soften some towards him.

Where do you see NUFC in 3 years time with Ashley at the helm?

We could be absolutely anywhere. It wouldn’t surprise me if Pardew took us down this or next season as Ashley sticks to his plan of only buying players with a big potential resale value and having a manager because he does as he says. That can’t be a successful long term strategy.

Do you think we`ll be able to finish in the top 6 this season?

It’s possible. It’s a race for 6th. The top 5 is probably already decided, however Pardew needs to address certain things and he’s not done it yet. We will probably hit the bottom 3 by Christmas, but we could make the top 10.

And Finally, choose a question for the next person interviewed (Cameron_NUFC)

What do you think Ashley’s intentions really are. What’s his game plan?


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