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It’s Friday and that means one thing. Yes, it’s the view of the fans on things regarding their club amongst others.

Continuing our series on the views of NUFC fans, I bumped into another well known regular from the forum. Old Leazes.

We all know you as Old Leazes on here but where’s the name from?

It’s in homage to the old Leazes End of the stadium. A wonderful (and dangerous) place to watch football.

Where were you born?

Blackill, nr Consett.

Not gonna ask the age but what are your earliest NUFC memories?

No problem giving my age. I’m 48. First memory of NUFC is watchng us play Leeds along with my dad, circa 1971/2.

Bearing in mind, you came from an era when going to a game was an experience in itself, what’s the thoughts on today’s stadia?

Cetainly a lot safer as some of the old grounds were death traps. They could be made better though, with a little thought.

Do you think it would bring the game closer to it’s roots if safe standing was introduced?

Well, I’d like it if they did that, but I’m not sure it would bring the game closer to its roots. It would improve the atmosphere no end, that’s almost universally accepted.

If you were in charge of FIFA for a year, what sort of changes would you introduce?

Reintroduce standing areas for clubs who wanted it. Introduce a salary cap on each club. Return the Europa league to a knockout tournament.

Have you any Newcastle United heroes over the years?

Lots, but one stands out above all of the rest. Malcolm Macdonald. As a kid I used to try and be like him and would attempt to smash them in from all angles. I even tried to run in a bandy legged fashion (I kid you not) Hero is a word that is much overused, but he was mine back then.

If you wrote a novel on your experiences of being an NUFC fan, what would the title be?

40 years of glory

What one word would sum up the history you have experienced of being a fan?


What (in your eyes) can the club do to build bridges with the supporters?

Sack Llambias and parade him round the pitch prior to a game whilst encouraging the supporters to throw heavy objects at him. Stop telling lies to the supporters. Transparency in the boardroom. Appoint a fan to the board and make sure he has powers that he or she can actually use. Having said all that, on a personal level there is nothing they can do or say that will build any bridges. I hate the f****** lot of them, and will never trust them an inch.

What’s your favourite NUFC goal?

Although I wasn’t at the game Macdonald’s second goal v Burnley in the 74 semi final at Hillsborough. Later recreated on the school pitch, although I played the Terry Hibbit role in that one. Best in the flesh? Tommy Cassidy v Sunderland at SJP circa 79/80. Watched it leave his boot and fly into the Gallowgate end goal. I can see it now when I shut my eyes.

Best match been to?

Peterborough away a couple of years back in the championship. A lovely day, massive away support, terraces, a beer festival on the way to the ground, and with a good group of friends. It all came together in just the right fashion and will be hard to top.

Best era to be a Toon fan?

For me it was the 80s. A good time for me on a personal level, and the 83/84 promotion season will never be forgotten. Keegan, Waddle, Beardsley … couldn’t ask for more than that.

Who would you say the best manager has been in your time?

Arthur Cox. A proper football man with no bullshit about him. I just trusted him in a way I haven’t trusted any other manager since. Including Keegan.

Most underrated player?

Kenny Wharton, a brilliant left back with tons of skill. I’m surprised he isn’t mentioned more often.

Where do you see the current crop of players we have? Where do they stand overall?

We have some great players at the club, and with the right set up we could do well with them. I wouldn’t want to single any one out, there are half a dozen players there who are from the very top drawer. I think most of us could name them.

Which realistic signing would you like us to make in January?

I don’t know enough about players from other clubs as I rarely watch football if it isn’t NUFC. I don’t know who I’d sign. Somebody who knew what it meant to play for us and was prepared to play for the money offered without complaint. Are you listening Demba Ba?

(Asked by Keggy Keagal) What’s your funniest football related memory?

I’ve been thinking about this one. I’m going to plump for watching Sunderland get relegated v Gillingham. There was that many of us at joker park to see it the police gave us our own section of the ground. Walking away afterwards was a bit hairy mind, but I was with the right people. Or wrong people, depending on your outlook.

How long have you visited our Talk of the Tyne?

Not entirely sure. it fells like it’s been around for ages. I’m guessing 6/7 years.

What’s the best/worst bits about it?

The best asset are the posters. Some really funny and knowledgeable people on there. I can’t think of a down side.

Anyway in which we can improve it?

I don’t think so. It’s a pretty well run place and improvements seem to happen when we need them.

What’s the best thread you’ve read?

The one I started about how many shits people have per day. I was in tears of laughter at some of the replies. Typing this now I am giggling about one or two in particular.

Most annoying poster/s?

Crom/ Latic. A pair of c***s who have nothing to do with our club.

Who speaks the most sense?

At the risk of being accused of arse kissing I’m going to say The Corner. He’s a good friend so I am biased, but he tells it like it is. Or rather, I see it the same way. Out of the rest I always like to read TaffonTyne’s view, and NUFC Carl 88 (not the right spelling, but hopefully you know who I mean) seems to speak a lot of sense.

Where do you see NUFC in 3 years time?

That’s a tough one. Hopefully at the top end of the premier league, and playing in a stadium which allows standing.

Prediction for the season?

Tenth or thereabouts, and we WILL win the Europa league final.

My question for (Next week’s Interviewee) Platini:

If Newcastle ceased to exist tomorrow then where would you get your football fix? Or would you just give it up altogether?

Old Leazes was in an interview with TNMW


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