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Continuing our regular feature of interviewing NUFC fans on various things.

So Keggy_Keagal. That`s a bit of an unusual username, what was the thought behind it?

It came from a Danny Baker show, can’t remember if it was the old radio 1 or the 606 show he used to do but he’d been watching the football and Mark Hughes accidentally called Kevin Keegan that. Every time Keegan was mentioned by Baker after that he was Keggy Keagal . So as a bit of a dual Kev/Baker tribute that’s what I chose .

A cheeky question but what is your age?

35 but it’s not the years it’s the mileage that’s the problem .

And are you a local lad?

Yes, no longer live there though, live on Merseyside.

Do you have a season ticket, and if not, do you make it to many games?

No season ticket for me as I couldn’t afford to travel back to watch games that much (I think if I’d have had one I would have gotten rid post the Ashley Keegan debacle I was that incensed). I go to a few games every season though they tend to be away matches in the North West or London as well as a couple of home games .

What’s the most memorable time for you as a fan?

Oh god, I’m gonna get all misty eyed . I loved going in the eighties, for reasons I’m going to struggle to explain. It felt more like the game and the club were ours. Like there was more of a connection between players and fans. Ok, the ground was falling down and the team was often struggling but I’m sure it’s not just sentimentality for my childhood that makes it all seem like it was more magical . Watching a player like a Gascoinge or Beardsley come through was really exciting it felt attainable, it felt like that was a possibility for me cos he was just a geordie kid like me and I do feel that connection has been lost now. There’s a distance with the lack of local lads and the Sky money and so on .

That being said when Keegan saved us and we became the entertainers was a special special time. More real in someways as I had a better understanding of what was going on and you really did feel we were going to revolutionize football in this country .

Favorite NUFC game of all time?

Newcastle 3 Barcelona 2. An incredible night, obviously everyone talks about the Asprilla hat trick but Gillespie was unplayable up against Sergi who was one of the best left backs around. I had goosebumps before the game, the atmosphere was electric. People kinda forget that Barca team had players who became legends like Figo, Luis Enrique and Rivaldo . I thought it was gonna be a brave new dawn for Kenny Dalglish but it proved to be a last hurrah really .

Favorite NUFC goal?

Beardsley’s goal vs Spurs where he shimmys past three players and smashes it in. There’s been more spectacular goals but for some reason just loved that, there was a nonchalance to the way he did it.

After the highs of last season, we`re now enduring a difficult time on the pitch, how can we put things right?

Well as you’ve seen from my other answers I love a ramble so we could be here a while . Somethings gone badly wrong with the team spirit, there is a lack of leadership from boardroom to management to on the pitch . Tactically we are inept . I didn’t understand the decision to change from a 4-3-3 to a 4-4-2 and still don’t . It seems like this is being dictated by Demba Ba not liking playing off the left . It’s made Pardew look weak and players never give their all for or respect a weak manager.

Like Marmite, most fans either love him or hate him but what are your thoughts on Pardew and the job he`s doing as manager here?

Initially was furious that Pardew was brought in and Hughton given the heave ho. I’d never liked Pardew I thought he was arrogant and an egotist and more importantly a poor manager (for example why would you refuse to play Tevez and Mascherano?) . I assumed he’d been brought in as a yes man for Ashley and Llambias. That being said I thought he must have more to him as at times we really impressed last year and even when we didn’t we more often than not picked up a result. This season he’s looked weak and clueless. The team look unmotivated and far too often Pardew in his role as club voice has been caught in lie after lie . I’m one of the few but I’d rather he was gone .

What do you think of Mike Ashley and what do you think he can do to win more people over?

Can’t stand him . Proven liar in a court of law. Doesn’t give a f*** about the club or fans we are simply consumers to be raped for cash in whatever way he can . He’ll never win me over !! You can’t treat the fans the way he has, you can’t treat people who’ve done wonderful things for our club like Kevin Keegan, Chris Hughton and Alan Shearer the way he has. Don’t get me wrong, if we won a trophy I’d be going mental but I’ll never change my opinion of him .

Do you think the club has learned from past mistakes?

No. There’s a big lie with us at the moment that Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias have an ethos, a plan and it’s working. Newsflash : they haven’t. Oh they’ll say they have, was it part of the grand scheme to shit all over Keegan ? Get relegated ? The latest one seems to be that our big plan depends on Graham Carr’s scouting abilities. Since when has the chief scout been the most important person at a successful club ? Never !! Look at Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool , Nottm Forest, Barcelona so on and so forth historically it’s always been the manager , with support from the board I might add.

What realistic signing would make you happy in January?

Tough question . A top centre half would be a start. Not sure exactly who though because never sure whether we are willing to pay Cisse type prices or Shefki Kuqi type prices.

Many refuse to buy the shirt in protest of Ashley, which was the last replica top you bought?

Think it was the one five years or so ago the Adidas one we wound up getting relegated in .

So your Avatar is a picture of Gary Speed, what is your best memory of Speedo and his time at SJP?

Just changed it the other day to Speedo after it was suggested as a tribute by Brassy (even a stopped clocks right twice a day) . No specific moment stands out , not one special goal or pass , it’s more that he was an absolute steady eddie model pro (which doesn’t do him justice) and if we lost it wouldn’t be down to his performance. There was that normality about him that I mentioned before has been somewhat lost from the game and part of what made his death so shocking and emotional.

Would it be fair to say he`s your all-time Toon hero or is there another you idolise?

Oh he’s not my toon hero, that’s Keegan.

How long have you visited Talk of the Tyne?

In various forms and boards for anything from 5-7 yrs .

What’s the best/worst bits about it?

Gotta say think it’s as good as it’s ever been if not the best it’s been . Not keen on the ‘our board’s better than your board/happy clapper wars’ that kick off every few weeks .

Is there any area in which we can improve?

I don’t like all this coming and going then they’ve suddenly got a new username by people.
The general look and outlay’s a bit dated it’s like a good house with 70’s curtains at the mo.

What’s the best/funniest thread you’ve seen?

Bens t.v. A few of the meltdown threads always give me a chuckle .

Which Poster do you think speaks the most sense?

Morty of course ! Rexn , Poisoned Monkey, if it’s farming or goat related matters Blackbob’s the man .

Who’s been the most annoying poster in your time?

Goldfishbowl was one who sticks in the memory, Latic just for board spamming reasons.

Where do you think NUFC will finish in the league this season?

12th or lower (gulp).

What do you make of our chances of a Trophy this season, in the Europa and FA Cup?

Fair chance in Europa with a good bit of luck, we’ll struggle everywhere else.

Where do you see us in 3 years time?

What a question . With this mob in charge who knows ? That’s impossible to answer . Could be Champions League could be Championship.

Jiggystoon asked, if you could be the owner of NUFC for a week, what would you do?

That’s hilarious !! I would be a terrible owner . I’m too passionate and too temperamental, one match free drinks for everyone the next no booze in the ground. My best answer is to say what we need.
We need a consistent short term as well as a longer term ethos . We need to decide what club we want to be and to take that as far as how we want to play. That includes having realistic goals and the investment to achieve them. I also still think we’ve never truly tapped the well of talent we have in the area. God help the rest of this league if this club had an owner, manager , players and fans all truly united !!

A lot of the ToTT lads are on Twitter, are you?


Would you consider joining?

Probably not .

Finally, choose a question to ask the next person interviewed?

What’s your funniest football related memory .


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