Date: 16th January 2018 at 10:43am
Written by:

On the tenth anniversary of one of our club legends returning to the club for the third time, the usual closed shop of non-communication is continuing to damage the brand of Newcastle United.

The 16th January 2008 saw the city lifted massively by the second managerial coming of the great Kevin Keegan in what was then only after eight months or so of the Mike Ashley rule.

What happened after is consigned to history and a massive part of the majority of supporter apathy and the lack of trust that will never ever be there under this horrible rule.

Some ten years on and amidst the potentially fabricated tales of takeover, the silence remains.

Legal documents allegedly signed but investment needed massively to survive in this league, the club still belongs to Ashley and he has a duty to the many tens of thousands that attend the games and the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world to run the club that the money he gets for it deserves.

With just over two weeks left in this transfer window and everything being hidden behind a potential lie that there’s a sale, what happens next could damage everything for years to come. In the mean time, I get the feeling that things may turn toxic very soon.

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