Date: 2nd July 2019 at 6:28pm
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Newcastle announced the U23s pre-season schedule on their official Twitter page, but the fans were quick to tell the club they are not interested.

The Magpies second-string will face Hibernian, Celtic Under-23s, and Rotherham in friendlies ahead of their 2019/20 Premier League 2 campaign.

However, as with almost all the posts the club share at the minute, it was met with a lot of anger.

It demonstrates just how annoyed the Newcastle faithful are right now that a club Tweet about the youth side is met by so many replies simply demanding Mike Ashley to leave.

Fan groups on social media have been calling for the Toon Army to boycott actual Premier League matches, so time will tell to see how many of the fan-base pay to watch the youngsters play.

Some fans have even been boasting on Twitter what they have spent their season ticket money on. One such fan purchased a hot-tub and patio furniture.

It would seem fans are against the idea of the club making any announcement other than to confirm the completion of the takeover. And they shared their reactions on Twitter.

One stated ‘no one cares’ whilst another felt they should ‘close down the club’ entirely.

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4 Replies to “‘No one cares’, ‘Just close down the club’ – These Newcastle fans react badly to club announcement”

  • Only one show in town –
    ASHLEY OUT !!!
    We aren’t going to settle for the crumbs you throw us any longer!!!

  • Is it me being think cashley is selling nufc for £350m but in the mean time is selling off all the assets so in theory the club should be worth less? So for example I have a BMW dealership I decide to sell it and stock for say £5.5 m but I sell all the 7 and 8 series and leave only 1 series and because of this I upset customers and goodwill goes down surely my price of 5.5m will go down? If you honestly believe this takeover is happening it should be given the pullitzer prize for fiction. If fans are going to sjp next season your not supporting the club Mike Ashley is the club and takes for granted your support

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