Date: 21st April 2013 at 1:09pm
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Our present scenario is entirely self inflicted by the power mongers within the corridors of the temple of St James’

So, we’ve just about gone full circle with our once great club back on the
precipice of doom, staring down a steep drop into possible oblivion.

A scenario entirely self inflicted by the power mongers within the corridors of the temple of St James’.

Whether the ambition of those instilled with the responsibility of task was to just exist in this league to collect their £200 for passing go or in our own words, just wanting to cream the premier league money for as little investment as possible or not, It’s fair to say that it’s a flawed plan and one that takes some getting out of.

This business is not for the amateur of which ours have shown them to be in some ways, no, they take a special breed of person to realise the ambitions, loyalties and other emotions that go hand in hand with the every day paperwork of financial shenanigans.

It also takes a good businessperson to realise that to maximise your investment, you have to try your best in the position you find yourself which includes getting the best people possible to move forward.

We somehow got in a great position last season to finish as the fifth best football team in the country but with an obviously short of numbers squad. Strengthening was a must to not only sustain our position in the league but also to try and move onto the next level which was in my eyes to consolidate European football every season as a minimum.

The fact that this wasn’t followed through with, put us on a downer to start with and the inevitable injuries and larger fixture list put us on more of a slippery slope.

Coupled with all of this, we have found out that the person who controls the players is out of his depth or unable to adapt to arising problems that a club can encounter from time to time by way of football tactic as well as be very contradictory towards the paying public or everyday supporter, who aren’t blind to every thing that goes on.

The majority of which have now lost faith in the manager and either want a change or for him to change his tactics but so far it’s fallen on deaf ears as if he’s trying to prove that his way works.

News for people, his way doesn’t work and history proves this by the many clubs he has managed that had a good starting spell before he was sacked the following year in relegation bother as a result of his tactics being found out and his inability to change them.

We’ve four games left in which we want no more excuses, we have to attack as the first line of defence and no more containment because that’s proven to be a failure with one of our worst ever defensive records this year.

We want no more excuses in the managerial department either because whether people like the regime or not, their plan to have a puppet or person who has to work to a plan can be professionally done by a top class manager, who will only work with the team and have the odd bit of involvement in transfer dealings. It’s generally the foreign coaches who do this and maybe the clubs first French manager would be a decent start.

One thing’s for certain, our club is not one to mess with as statistics have proven beyond doubt that we’re third in the table for our attendances with the possibility for many more to attend if able to do so and it’s about time this potential was realised with no more dampening down of expectation.

We want ambition, we want honesty, we want a reward for our many decades of loyalty and most of all we want no more excuses.


2 Replies to “No More Excuses”

  • Agreed Toony

    I lost faith in Fatman the day Pardwho arrived. Unless he’d been studying at the great learning centres of football such as Ajax, Barca, Bayern and Real since his last sacking then all NUFC had achieved was to resurrect the career of a journeyman player and manager. ((Unfortunately Pardwho spent most of his time in casino’s losing money)

    Pardwho has won nothing in the game and has shown he can do nothing to take this club forward. If we continue with him, good players will get dissatisfied and leave (as Ba did) and we’ll win nothing.

    That may be OK for the Fatman, who just wants PL survival income every year, but where does it leave the fans ?

  • I think the criticism of Ashley is a bit harsh at the moment. Yes a mistake was made not strenghthening in the summer – which has been admitted now. The big question is what happens in the summer. The owner is an accomplished businessman and it can’t be lost on him that one of his managers is not delivering. I’ve said it for a long time now another manager would have gotten more out of this squad. However, my gut feel is Pardew will be viewed 1 good season/1 bad and given another chance. He will screw it up next year and we will again be near the bottom at the mid way point, snr players will become disillusioned and start to leave and we won’t attract others of the same calibre and it will be downhill from there! 43 wins/42 defeats – soon to be levelled up on Saturday what a tactical genius!

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