Date: 11th May 2018 at 10:09am
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The eleven years of Mike Ashley rule here on Tyneside have brought many conflicting opinions and none more so than among the fanbase.

Whether a supporter is eight or eighty-eight, the opinion will be mostly backed by a personal view of their Newcastle supporting life and for those under the age of eleven, they’ll have nothing but a fabricated version of how Newcastle is to go off and completely miss the sheer size of potential there lies in the region. The stories of glory here on Tyneside are evaporating as those who bore witness to it are getting on in their years. Our last major trophy was earned nearly fifty years ago and domestically some sixty-three years back.

The chances of any glory coming seems a long way off as the Ashley version of the club is to run it as a business which straight away causes an issue with the older fan because we identify with the game as a sport in that the football club should come first, under him it is a distant last place. The clarification of footballing tasks merely just a hindrance of trying to divert as much capital as he can get towards his otherworldly interests.

With takeover talk promising to rear its head and dominate a portion of the press this coming Summer, for once it needs to be true to release the shackles of what our great club can become and maybe attain some proper HD/4k quality footage of us actually trying to win something instead of just making up the numbers.

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  • Capped??? It’s more like a Victorian workhouse with it’s fat rich owner begrudging anyone crumbs from his ample table…Everything at NUFC is done on the cheap.

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