Date: 29th June 2017 at 11:37am
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Ive never been a great fan of the changes that were made to the game when it comes to buying or selling players with the two window system we get now just confusing matters.

Without delving into the employment law side of things in any detail or the fairness in it, the only advantage of them being here is that the media have created a panic laden scenario that allows them massive clicks. Aye, advantage to them, not us.

Aside from the exaggerated spectacle of deadline day being somehow an occasion that may as well have a bank holiday if the media could allow it, we get the added extra of downright lies misting an already complicated process of the game we are trying desperately hard to still love.

Like a phone with all the apps, the game can still offer the same feelings if you avoid the bells and whistles.

Newcastle is a club that suffers more than most with a lot of the issues around it caused by things out of it’s control. The transfer talk that dominates the media throughout the weeks of nothing more than just a stain on the tablecloth.

A transfer market that has barely opened and wont really for us until July 1st for many reasons causes panic for many although a club that keeps the shop closed in certain times doesn’t help things when the speculation goes mad.

I dont understand the workings of the finances of a football club and I also dont understand the system where the state of the books is released so far after the time it covers but trying to get some method into the recent madness I think I know the score.

Im presuming the club’s books cover a period from July 1st to June 30th and when they’re released to the domain the April after, the picture painted sets the mood. As it stands, we still have the championship budgeting book out and will have an idea of whether we have broke even on the year or how much of a loss being out of the premier league has made.

Obviously the rainy day cash accumulated via the prize money, sponsorship and other means is there for the premier league season but by using it before the next year (July 1st 2017 – June 30th 2018) then that will paint a confusing picture. Those who know their stuff may work it in a different method or just know the score that we have a set figure period but those that dont look too closely may just see debt or profit.

Maybe a ploy not to scare off any far off eager shoppers for the club, maybe not.

I think we would see less confusion if a transfer window opened on July 1st instead of the 8th or 9th June although a club could get round this by agreeing a deal in advance without paying any fees until the next year kicked in, of which many have done and maybe we have, we wont know until then.

I’ll always be suspicious of what our owner can or could do and that is the reason why we can never taste proper success with him here unless he’s changed or learned dramatically but personal feeling aside, he will know now that standing still guarantees you go backwards in a market that moves so quick and enough will be done in his eyes to maintain the increasing income.

The only problem that leaves is that business has to get as close as possible to the ambitions of everyone that knows.

The ball is in Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez’s court now with a little cameo from Lee Charnley no doubt. Just have to hope they’re all on the same one.

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