Date: 24th April 2018 at 1:43pm
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Sky Sports provided an update yesterday on the infamous tale of Newcastle United being up for sale and it left mixed emotions in its wake.

It’s as common as day following night under Mike Ashley’s stewardship that a good period always ends out of the blue with a return to bad and the news that Ashley has potentially increased his asking price that has got some fans wondering if it’s the usual stalling tactics or the sign of someone not even attempting to hide the fact that he is a reluctant seller, that has attracted the gloom.

The general consensus amongst Newcastle fans is that Sky and Ashley are in cahoots with one another as they use each other as a form of propaganda with the interview with David Craig last year, a prime example of a loaded agenda and it is this that has heightened my personal intrigue.

I have never been one of the people that have believed Ashley is selling Newcastle and certainly not one who’s mood switches with articles or media stories with their potential for hidden agenda, however, the fact that the Sky story has come out of the blue saying that sources are basically telling a supposed bidder that they haven’t got much time this Summer to make an acceptable offer, sounds like it’s been an instruction from Ashley’s side so there may be something in this yet.

With the World Cup and a shorter transfer window to occupy everyone in the next few weeks, hopefully, this isn’t one of those sagas that overshadow the task ahead. The ‘drama’ continues.


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