Date: 20th November 2017 at 11:56pm
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We’ve speculated about new owners coming in to run our club for years with much of it becoming more than just a pipe dream.

Recently though and with Mike Ashley appearing desperate at times on TV to promote the club with confusing sound bites, the dream has taken on a greater angle.

The recent home game to Liverpool saw the media crank up the rumours with stories of Amanda Staveley and her links to the Middle East as being potential suitors of the club.

Amidst all of the talk in the media though, there has been various people on social media seemingly reporting the same speculation in that there were certain people interested in buying the club and it was confirmed recently that NDA’s had been signed and books dusted down to scour through.

Today saw the first real story emerge from an alleged interest with all of the major newspapers as well as Sky, reporting that a bid had gone in from Amanda Staveley’s group. PCP Capital Partners.

As any story breaks, it twists and turns but with nothing allowed legally to come out from any discussions, there is either some breaches of contract going on or someone is lying.

Tonight has seen varying reports of bids being turned down to there being different rates of offer with some stating that Ashley is yet to respond to an opening offer so there could be some way to go yet. That’s if an offer is accepted or if Ashley really wants to sell at all.

It could also be a leak to generate other interested parties in submitting a bid as well but it’s all rather confusing.