Date: 9th August 2017 at 10:56pm
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With only Dwight Gayle and Aleksandar Mitrovic as specialised strikers here, the striker search is going right to the wire.

With the long list of alleged strike targets being whittled down by the day, today saw a striker that our local media linked in Andre Gray, snapped up by Watford for a fee approaching £20m.

As Rafa Benitez has said before, these fees are daft never mind crazy.

Anyway, another alleged target in Lucas Perez of Arsenal saw his name crop up when Rafa was interviewed earlier for the Sky coverage of the premier league launch day.

Rafa was asked whether there was any truth in the rumour and said this:

I was talking with Arsene yesterday because we had the manager`s meeting and I said ‘Listen, we have to talk’ he said ‘Listen, you have some money?’

I like the player but it`s too soon to talk about that.

Perez’s agent has already said this Summer that Perez wants to leave amidst an alleged £10m – £12m price tag with one of his former club’s presidents at Deportivo even going as far as saying the player wants to go back there.

The price is the stumbling block as they cant afford him, so this rumbles on with just over three weeks of the window left.


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  • Transfer prices over the last two decades have been going up and up and up,this season is no exception,well actually it is.The prices being asked for players has gone completely crazy.A new benchmark has been reached and it never goes down so clubs will be forced to splash cash that the average working man/woman could live on for several lifetimes,its way past time that governing bodies stepped in and capped the amount any player can be sold for,it would make it fairer on all.No,this won’t happen,agents are getting millions foe each player they control,as long as it remains like this the same select few will always be at the top,I’m sure the nation of football fans are fed up with the same teams year after year winning the Premiership with one exception,Leicester who did an amazing job in 2015/2016,a repeat of that feat with this club or any other will probably be in the distant future.

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