Date: 8th June 2017 at 2:17pm
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As seems to be the trend of 21st century Britain, moments of shock or loss bring around actions which emanate contrasting views.

At Newcastle in the past few years, we’ve seen it as much as anywhere else with some times it embarrassingly going overboard or on for too long, although with the club having PR issues that was causing as much opposition in other areas anyway pre Rafa Benitez, you can understand why they’d be welcoming to moments of a United feel to the place.

This way of people wanting grief marked is always a dangerous subject to tackle and one where the football club or clubs in general can find themselves in the middle with no right or wrong answer. It’s a delicate situation.

For this reason I think there has to be a line or some boundaries and by saying that I mean it with no disrespect.

We have all felt the sadness of fellow fans being killed on trips away, in accidents or wherever but there’ll always be someone that knew them more than you or wants to mark the occasion in a bigger or smaller way. We all grieve in different ways.

It’s a football club after all and not a church.

Having said that, the next match after a tragedy is the one and only place, aside from funerals and what not, to do a tribute. Nothing else. However big or small, just do it for the one game like we’ve always done.

Aside from that one match we cant keep having these tributes and in the case of a few signing a petition to retire a football number. It’s disrespectful to others in so many ways.

Yes, Cheick Tiote is just fresh from leaving Newcastle in February and aside from him not being our player anymore, you can’t retire a number he used for a while here because it will set a dangerous precedent for the future or past if you are that way inclined.

Gary Speed wore the number 11 here and we didn’t retire his number. Players from the past including the great Jackie Milburn wore 9 and so on. Just because a memory is fresh, doesn’t give a player greater prominence. Sorry like.

As I said, I mean no disrespect and I understand the thought behind people wanting this gesture carried out but I hope Newcastle politely decline.

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