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Newcastle Linked With Blockbuster Transfer Move In The Summer


While the dust hasn’t even settled on the January transfer window, BBC Sport have picked up on a story linking Newcastle with a move for England star, Jude Bellingham in the summer.

While the story only garnered one line in their daily gossip roundup with a link to, it is still not an idea beyond the realms of possibility.

It may sound a bit too fanciful to be true and even seem too soon into the PIF’s project for it to be real, but Newcastle are on the brink of qualifying for European competition, and that is going to require an influx of players in the summer. Depending on which European competition we ultimately qualify for will likely have a bearing on the type of player we can attract.

Jude Bellingham, as he proved when playing for England in the World Cup, is a world class talent and is courted by several clubs around Europe with there being a strong suggestion he will find his way back to England in the summer with one of the “big six”.

However, it’s Newcastle who are now the biggest threat to that big six, and one way to announce that they mean business would be to go all-out on beating one of those top teams to a player like Jude Bellingham. A record breaking, world class signing to set a signal of intent that we mean business.

Whether Bellingham would see us as a viable candidate yet, given that we’re the new kids on the block when it comes to challenging for silverware is unknown, but you’d like to think that he’s watching the power shift, and if he truly has ambition, there’s no better way to show your worth than backing the “underdog” and showing that you can help them achieve greatness.

If it’s not Bellingham, there will be someone of that kind of statue coming into the club in the summer. We’ve shocked everybody this year and we are well ahead of schedule when it comes to the PIF’s plan, they aren’t going to want to go backwards now so they will sanction big money deals to capitalise on this momentum.

We did it – three hours of the Vital Podcast from 8pm until the transfer window shut at 11pm. We talked about all sorts of football-related goodness to pass the time as the window was largely uneventful. The highlights were the lads winding me up about the match as my feed was on a delay.

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