Date: 30th January 2017 at 12:01pm
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It seems that most bases are covered in regards to how the fans see the rest of the season panning out.

Some are on edge wanting or expecting tens of millions of pounds to be spent on strengthening an already strong squad whilst others see the job that needs doing if we are to gain the promotion target.

Personally I see it as a dangerous game with an injury to one of our better players being the difference between an average side and one that plays with a professional confidence. A dangerous game that has no real solution.

With 19 league games left of a season and no guarantee that we wont still be in the championship next time round, you can understand the reluctance on both sides to spend any cash and that’s before you mention how much we actually have. Cash that belongs to the club I may add and regular though it is, it still flows through the corridors on the back of our standing through history.

With loans being the sensible choice although in a damp squib of an illegal market they wont be easy with one club waiting on another for news like dominoes but like it was back in my day, the game domino rally didn’t always work the way it should.

Any sort of deal will be a major boost to the fans confidence but doing absolutely nowt shouldn’t be looked into too much as then we will be going over dangerous ground.

The next 35 hours will be like a minefield for many with social media one to avoid.

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