Date: 8th September 2016 at 1:36pm
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Newcastle United and the cup have been one of those bad combinations that have rivalled the best (or worst) in history over recent seasons.

The joke was that we were allergic to silverware but the truth was more along the lines of it not being worth it financially to the club.

The club went as far as pointing out at a fans forum that clubs that try in the cup in the mid to lower league position were highly likely to go down. We never tried in the cup but something went wrong with that thinking there like.

Nevertheless, the fans know that without hope of trying to do anything it was always going to kill the club but with the introduction of Rafa Benitez, it has brought around a renewed hope which includes the cups being the ‘in thing’ again.

When we used to try in the olden days, one of the things we used to say was that prices should be lower to try to get a bigger crowd because it defeats it’s own object.

For example, Newcastle charging £15 a ticket for a 20,000 crowd would make £300,000 for arguments sake but even reducing that figure by half would see a greater attendance that helps the team on the pitch without affecting the income. A £10 ticket attracting 30,000 fans would still get the same gate money but have the potential for more earnings via the catering and other things inside or just around the ground.

Win win for all concerned.

As it happens, Newcastle have reduced the prices for our next league cup game at home to Wolves, whether it’s in mind with what’s been said in the past is unclear but it must have been suggested.

The prices for the game to be played on Tuesday 20th September are £10 for adults and £3 for the bairns up until the day of the match when the prices will then revert to the normal prices of £15 and £5 respectively.

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