Date: 10th July 2017 at 4:49pm
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In March of last year and with our beloved Newcastle United going through the motions in sleepwalking to relegation, a ray of hope shone on it.

Whilst many of the loyal band of followers had seen the soul ripped out of their footballing life and just endured watching the team for old times sake, Rafa Benitez came along to resurrect the whole meaning again.

We were reinvigorated as a football club. Yes, the very reason why the soul was destroyed in the first place was still lurking on the horizon but he’d learned by mistakes and was going to make the most of this last chance. Wasn’t he?

Most of us ran out of chances for Mike Ashley years ago and only tolerate him in the background when things are going smoothly but he is proving time and time again that he is the one that is pulling the strings here, even when he blatantly lies saying he knows nothing.

Only Rafa Benitez stands in the way of the club collapsing and with continued talk of frustration from him, it wont be long until this comes to a head.

I know how the fans feel with the frustration in not getting business done or just scrimping around the bargain buckets for scraps as if there are delaying tactics going on, only this time there’ll be mass repercussions instead of false words like there was back when Kevin Keegan was constructively dismissed.

Ashley may think this is some sort of joke where he can treat people like he does his sports empire but if this goes off, he’ll be in danger of losing everything.

The value of the club will plummet on the back of a rotten atmosphere and fans who have seen their hopes and ambitions or way of life even, messed around will do anything to ruin the life of an owner that has no ambition for the club to do anything.

As we speak we go backwards with other clubs passing us by with ground size and transfer record. Even championship sides are starting to surpass us, such is the joke that is our ‘owner’

The only way that guaranteed ‘kick off’ can be stopped is if big money is spent and fast. It wont happen because the regime will try to call bluff.

There will only be one loser in all this.


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  • Sorry, just clarify that statement.

    How many Championship clubs have larger grounds than us?

    Funny guy!

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