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Mike Ashley ‘confident of takeover green light’

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Mike Ashley reportedly believes that the Saudi led takeover of Newcastle United will be given the green light to go ahead in the near future.

A story that now dates back over a year is still rumbling on and the London born businessman is said to have told Amanda Staveley and co to be prepared for the takeover to go ahead within the next month.

The source for this report is the Sun so caution should be advised before cracking open the takeover cans and getting too excited.

It feels like we have heard this all before, doesn’t it? This time last year there were many false dawns, days where it felt like the club were just moments away from enormous change that has not since been forthcoming.

The legal battle against the Premier League is now being fought on two fronts and one hopes that the increasing pressure can bring about a result that we are all craving.

The over confidence of the consortium and seller has been something that we have all taken note of in the past and as such reports like this do very little to get fans excited.

Never has a deal where the seller is desperate to sell and the buyer desperate to buy ever been more complicated but this summer surely will see the endgame one way or another.

That being said, just how many times have we all thought ‘this surely can’t go on much longer’? And here we still are. Would anyone really be surprised if this rumbled on and on a bit further yet?

The deal is so imperative for the fortunes of this football club, for over a year now Newcastle United have been on the precipice of great things whilst also teetering on the edge of disaster, a truly unique scenario.

Let’s hope that Ashley’s confidence is not misplaced and we get that green light sooner rather than later.

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