Date: 17th January 2008 at 10:35am
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10 of the finest of the Keegan era at SJP:-

10) Bristol City (91/92) – 3-0 in Keegan`s first home game definitely set the cat amongst the pigeons asa doubled attendance helped revive our flagging season.

9) Liverpool (95/96) – Sir Les and Stevie Watson`s last minute winner sealed the points in a high quality classic ding-dong between us and the Dippers.

8) Sunderland 1-0 (92/93) – 1-0 in the rain v Terry Butcher`s commandos. Funny in the sense it put him out a job.

7) Chelsea (94/95) – 4-2. Andy Cole`s thunderbolt from the edge of the box against Dimitry Kharine was up there with the goals of the season.

6) Liverpool (93/94) – 3-0, with the Hands of Grob partially to blame, as we played the Bin Dippers off the park. Andy Cole`s hat trick claimed our first massive scalp of the Old Guard.

5) Manchester United (95/96) – Strange you may think including a 1-0 loss in a list of the top 10 home games but the atmosphere for this one is something I doubt I`ll ever witness again at St James. Schmeichel later admitted he was overwhelmed by the support from the stands as vitriol and passion raged from our support as we battered the Mancs for the first half. Sadly that wanker Cantona popped up to piss on our chips.

4) Spurs (96/97) – A 7-1 humping of the hapless Spuds in Keegan`s final game. A thumping win gave no indication of the backroom bother that was taking place behind the scenes.

3) Leicester (92/93) – David Kelly scored a hat trick on the telly as he and Coley went nap on the shell-shocked Foxes. 6-0 at half time summed it up. Look out for pink wigs and giant Broon Ale bottles on the replays. 7-1. Magic.

2) Manchester United (96/97) – 5-0, Peacock, Ginola, Ferdinand, Shearer and Philippe Albeeeeeeeeeert (to quote Martin Tyler). Pure footballing heaven.

1) Portsmouth (91/92) – the defining game of the Keegan era in my John Humblest. When Kelly went through to score it was one of those seminal NUFC moments as the place went up. Probably our most important ever goal scored as it turned out and something that felt far more than just a 1-0 win.