Meet the fans- Rory “Geordie” Bryan

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My name is Rory Geordie Bryan, born and raised in Sheffield, my dad grew up in County Durham and eventually moved down here where he met my mum.

As you can probably guess with a name like mine I was in a black and white shirt from day one! My earliest memories as a child of going back to Durham to visit family my dad always took me to the training ground for a chance to see the players as I was mad about the toon. I was brought up on legends, like Jackie Milburn and Malcolm MacDonald.The first game I attended was against Sheffield Wednesday on Sir Bobby’s first home game where Alan shearer became my hero after watching him find the net 5 times in an 8-0 victory!  Bragging rights earned when I got back to a school full of “Owls” fans!

Shearer proudly takes centrepiece in our living room, alongside Peter Beardsley and Laurent Robert as some of my favourites. I remember climbing up the steps into the stands as a kid and seeing the pitch for the first time and I instantly fell even more in love with our great club, still feels the same to this day especially when I see the amazing Wor Flags displays and the roar of 52000 Geordies!

There’s a “Coming Home Feeling” when I pass the angel of the North on my way to the toon, it’s where I belong, which is strange as I’ve never actually lived in the North East!  When I met my partner Kelly she had never previously been to a football match or held much interest, but after taking her to her first matches she instantly loved our great club. On October the 30th 2021, we welcomed our first child Isaac into the world, his name was inspired by Isaac Hayden, after struggling for a while to choose a name we were looking at the team lineup and agreed we loved the name, Isaac. At six hours old he was sitting with his dad in his Toon stripes watching us play arsenal and he hasn’t missed a game. We can’t wait for the day he’s old enough to take to St James’ Park so he can experience it properly and fall in love just like we did. I can’t wait to be throwing him up in the air in celebration, just like I remember my Dad doing with me!

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  • James Geordie Bryan says:

    Absolutely brilliant article Rory. You forgot to mention about being invited to John Beresfords house in Sheffield for your Newcastle Shirt to be autographed.
    After chatting on fb & unbeknown to you was his daughter. You told her a Newcastle legend had the same surname as her. She said yeah its my Dad. Such a gentleman.
    I’m so proud to be your dad. Son as you’re proud of Issac xx

  • richie Hall says:

    You too could be featured like Rory and his amazing Toon supporting family, get in touch and we will gladly make it happen.

  • Ash Harrison says:

    I bet it was mint rubbing it in the faces of all those Wednesday fans.

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