Date: 20th September 2015 at 3:08pm
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Head coach Steve McClaren has reflected on the loss to Watford by saying Newcastle aren’t in a crisis and he wants people to judge after ten games have been played.

Audio – McClaren On Watford Loss

In quotes carried by the Chronicle from his after match press conference, McClaren insisted that improvements would be seen by fans despite us now heading into tougher games on paper.

Asked the direct question about the club being in a crisis, he answered.

‘No, no, no, no, no, no, no way. I have seen enough and know enough and know this Premier League and what it takes, and we have just got to find a way to win. Over the six games, that`s kind of what we have been searching for, finding a way to win. Is that being open and bold and going forward and out-scoring the opponent? Is that being tight and defensive and defending low and hitting on transition and winning? These are all questions that have been thrown up over the first six games, and especially over the last two, which we`d say were an opportunity to really look and gauge how we are compared to the others.’

With one win in 17 in the Premier League now, sitting in 19th place courtesy of two draws and only replaced by Sunderland in bottom spot on goal difference, he went on to add.

‘Is there better to come? I always say you are where you deserve to be and at the present moment, that`s where we are. I said from the beginning of the season, judge us after 10 games, and I`d still say the same. The next two are tough, but this is a tough job. There`s no coming in and saying, ‘Right, turn that page and everything will change`. We are changing a lot of things, introducing a lot of things and in the short time we`ve had good, we`ve had bad, we`ve had indifferent. But what we are learning is yes, they said it was hard and it is.’

In further quotes carried he talked about the fans a bit more given the boos that rang out.

‘I can understand the fans` reaction. We are just turning things around and I think the majority understand that. Like we have said to the boys in the dressing room, it`s not a crisis, it`s not a time to panic – it`s too early, and we`d never do that anyway. No matter where you are at what stage, we`d never do that, we have too much experience to know that.’


‘Like I`ve said to the players, we have got to stick together. We are going to get a lot of criticism and that can be flying from not just media, but also fans, and in that dressing room, we have got to stay tight, we have got to stay clam, we have got to stick together. I know and they know and we know deep down there`s a lot to do, a lot to work on and you don`t do it talking about it, which we can`t do.’

Ayoze Perez was also on the official site after the game and he explained that Newcastle have to take our ‘form’ on the training pitch actually out on to the pitch as we are training better than we are playing at the minute.

‘We are really sad because it is another game that we have lost, and it is not what we wanted to happen. In the first half we deserved what happened. We improved in the second half but it wasn’t good enough. I don’t know why it is not happening at the moment but we have to stay together and take our quality onto the pitch. During the week we can see a lot of quality in training but we have to do it in matches. I hope it happens soon, and we have to keep working towards this. If we keep working hard then it is not too far away, I’m sure. I was pleased to start the game but I cannot be happy because we lost. We weren’t good enough and we have to try to get points as soon as possible.’

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