Date: 12th March 2017 at 11:26pm
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Having had time to take it all in and reflect on Newcastle’s home league defeat to Fulham, it seems some sense can be made out of all of the madness.

First things first, the reaction or overreaction on social media to various results from certain quarters is enough to make you reach for the disconnect button but only when you think about the generation that some have been born in, it’s no wonder that it comes across like zombie-like sheep looking for the nearest gate.

In truth, some comments are not worth a light without the substance to back up the claims although some are worthy of their opinion.

Personally speaking and with 23 full time managers and 12 caretaker bosses filling up the itinerary of my 40 odd years of existence to fall back on, im not blowing a trumpet to think that my thought train is of a higher relevance than most.

It makes you think what many of today’s breed see in the game when they pay whatever it is they pay to see games before booing at the slightest thing or deciding to go home many minutes before the end. You wouldn’t leave a film if the storyline took a turn you weren’t expecting and that’s what supporting a club is all about.

Living through the thin in order to reap the rewards or at least realise the time they drop into your lap. Which is what we have now under Rafa Benitez.

A team that is still top of the league but is getting full pelters from those who see the need to air their grievances on social media but the reality of it is, is that it is so undeserved.

The defeat to Fulham was probably the first game this season that you could hold your hands up and say the better team won on the day. It most certainly was at home anyway.

Even with a number of defeats that seem high in comparison to the excellent away record, every game apart from the Fulham one saw moments where things could have been different.

As it is, yesterday’s defeat may be explained by tactics by those of us that think we know better than a Spaniard with a pedigree longer than many and most certainly at our club but only when Rafa Benitez and his coaches sit down to watch the recording of the game will they know what really went wrong.

Analysing the full match properly a few times, if it hasn’t already been done, will allow Rafa to create a report that will pick out where things went wrong and they will be put right. Whether that be down to individuals not doing their job or the opponents cottoning on to something that we didn’t see, I have no doubt that it will be addressed which is something that ive not had faith in for a number of years with anyone.

We will do well to remember where we were a year ago and those who are blind to the real picture will say that we were in a higher league but these will be the people that couldn’t see how rotten things had become both on and off the pitch, no matter how many minutes they sat in their seat.

Others like me, realise the task that was in hand and the inbred losing mentality that isn’t an easy overnight fix but it is well on the way to being exorcised and Rafa must be allowed to get on with it.

We’ll have good days and almost certainly bad but it’s not about preventing the bad things from happening before they do but how you put them right when they do happen in order to bounce back.

I know where my faith is.


4 Replies to “Making Sense Of Madness”

  • Great article and may I just say how common this madness is especially with clubs where expectations are high. Being a long life Norwich City fan the crowds reaction through out our home game against Blackburn was boarding on the absolute ridiculous ! I credit Delia for giving Alex Neil every opportunity to turn things around so he can have no complaints. Having been hounded out by the fans there was an out cry regarding the timing of the sacking ( Friday evening before the game on Saturday – ok fair enough ). So, poor Alan Irvine has the dubious task of taking temporary charge, the game starts like a pre season friendly with the Norwich players looking rather uncomfortable with their surroundings, however, we are in control, go 1 – 0 up and it all looks a bit routine. Then, within 2 minutes Mitchell Dijkes our on loan left back is sent off for a bad challenge. Having sold the two players Olsson & Brady who played in that position we only have a right back on the bench so poor old Alan Irvine has to sacrifice Alex Pritchard for Stephen Whittaker to a chorus of boos and the predictable chant of ‘ You don’t know what you’re doing ‘. It makes me wonder if many fans understand the game at all ? We then hold out quite comfortably to half-time. Second half, Blackburn have clearly had a rollicking ( and they are no mugs, lets face it, they have beaten Newcastle twice without conceding ) and have been reminded that they are playing against 10 men and begin to take control. They soon equalise and the poor out of position Stephen Whittaker is receiving a roasting down the left hand side. Blackburn grow in confidence as we begin to struggle and they are soon 2 – 1 in front, it now looks a case of how many are Blackburn going to score. As soon as we fall behind we then get a chorus of ‘ Sack the board, sack the board, sack the board ! ‘ What an absolute pathetic joke, fans can only seem to react without looking at the overall picture, I just don’t get it !! Irvine makes his remaining two substitutions to try and balance attack with defence and somewhat out of the blue we nick an equaliser from a deflected Cameron Jerome shot and suddenly everything in the garden is rosy again, it is absolutely laughable ! Alan Irvine has stated he does not want the Norwich job and who can blame him. The Newcastle expectations were the same as Norwich at the outset and they are in a very strong position, what on earth are your fans looking for ? A loss to Fulham is no disgrace, over recent weeks they have looked consistently like the best team in the division and should gate crash the play offs with a good chance of going up. So that tricky game is out of the way and Newcastle are still top. The craziness of the premier league has now spread down to the championship where we now have about three quarters of the teams believing they should be in the premiership and a large chunk of their impatient fans and owners are acting like idiots disposing of managers like confetti. For goodness sake 23 teams into 3 promotion places doesn’t go, it never has ! Newcastle fans, be grateful for where you sit at the moment and try and bloody enjoy it !!

  • As a Spurs fan, we also have seen our fair share of managers and we are no strangers to massive (if sometimes unfounded) expectations. I think Rafa definitely is a good manager, who in all honesty would have no trouble finding work in top tier football. Newcastle fans should be thrilled to have a manager of his calibre in the Championship. Sacking him would be the ultimate knee jerk reaction. You are top of the table and nailed on for promotion. It can’t be all bad. No manager is perfect. Mauricio Pochettino is arguably the hottest young manager on the market, but even he makes mistakes and fans tear him to pieces on a frequent basis. But the question is always “who would be available now, interested in the job and do better immediately?”. In your case I don’t see an obvious answer.

  • Obviously when I said my piece in the article, I was of course referring to what is after all a small minority but it’s a common theme throughout football.

    We all know these are long seasons and some just want the end product now. God knows what it’s like for any of the top premier league sides because from what ive seen of the Arsenal debacle doesn’t bode well for where football will end up.

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