Date: 17th January 2018 at 5:11pm
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We live in a world of frustration with one thing or another going on with famine, war and austerity high on the agenda of being force fed into our tiny minds.

Back in the day it was the TV set that was used to get a certain angle across although the older you got, the more you realised that most things are generally not how they are played out.

Nowadays it’s the internet being a big part of conflicting damage with every second person a writer or some form of encyclopedic knowledge and the other seemingly on the pay roll of some big wig or football owner.

The internet being the tool that can carry propaganda without the real need for categorical proof.

In our case at Newcastle, we’ve witnessed the self inflicted austerity measures that Mike Ashley has enforced on us by his own mis-management but the people that are in his pocket in the form of Sky TV and Talksport for example, continuously get off on their own version of fabricated events.

The judgement on us is full of unchallenged lies and the opinion that we’re an unforgiving set of fans that should be lucky to get the scraps and have a great hate of Southerners whilst other sets of fans are lauded to the high heavens for putting up with only finishing in the top four or winning one cup in the last three years or something.

Every stereotype there is, is attached to us somehow.

With Mike Ashley proving time and time again that his unchallenged money diversion techniques in the form of sponsorship for his brand and the club merchandise, for example, do not benefit Newcastle United football club in any shape or form, the third official time the club went up for sale was rightly labelled a smokescreen.

Even the unofficial tales that follow Ashley around of the club always being up for sale and other failed attempts just cry out that he will never sell for what it is worth and that’s the problem.

Like a Ferrari that hasn’t been maintained properly for ten years, eventually it will need new tyres, maybe some wipers or with bad usage, probably a new engine. It can’t be maintained on a small budget though.

The asking price would then reflect it’s value as is the case of our club now but the price is being artificially inflated with the non-event of a loan attached in order to attract false bids. Nobody is daft enough to offer a price that would ultimately reflect a club’s worth AFTER the right investment before it was put in.

For what it’s worth I think this has amounted into the time where things have hit the fan for many fans that were unsure before and as their feelings of anger, hurt and disgust have been realised then I reckon a period of unrest is headed that hasn’t been seen before.

The feeling of the boycotter, outside fan and those abroad with their finger on the pulse is now being matched by those among the 50,000 or so who contribute best part of £1000 a season towards the club kitty by attending games, only to be lied to that we’re skint or blatantly ignored. Money used when all is not well in the country anyway but on a false promise.

What lies ahead was always going to happen and well deserved for the disregard shown to the loyalty, it’s just like a gas leak, idly hissing away slowly, unwittingly waiting for the flame.

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