Date: 22nd January 2018 at 9:43am
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Anyone that has seen us play in the flesh this season will know the team’s limitations.

They were there for most of last season as well, although a last gasp title win seems to have papered over these cracks.

Rafa Benitez knew back then that the forthcoming January window of 2017 would need some recruitment in order to cement that place back in the Premier League.

The fact that he was bore witness to the dallying around in the window that so many of us have become accustomed to under the stewardship of Mike Ashley had many people talking of Rafa thinking over his future.

The Summer just gone, saw more of the same pretence where deals were held out in front of Rafa like a carrot to a donkey before they disappeared no doubt off the back of private meddling.

Surely if this window plays out like the last two will see Rafa off in the Summer and this PR talk of new contracts just there as we suspect ahead of season ticket renewal time.

For the eleventh year running out of Ashley’s eleventh year here, we’re playing catch up on a premeditated scale, what needs to be done wont be and the questions that should be asked by those with clout will never be.

At a bare minimum we know that nearly every position should be strengthened but in the real world there is no excuse not to change around three per transfer window.

In this one we desperately still need a quality striker with our best at present from £5m man Joselu a paltry four league goals, followed by Dwight Gayle with his three additions. I wont hold the breath.

Rafa said in his press conference last Friday that Mike Ashley said a takeover was off around two to three weeks ago and he also added that we have little time left to add to the squad. If Ashley knew what he knew three weeks ago then he’s had plenty of time to add names.

This week may be a pivotal one in getting a stronger squad but like the twenty one or so transfer windows under Ashley that have preceded this one and ignoring the panicked spend on a clutch of Frenchmen in January 2013, not enough will be done and it begs the question of thought that most of us know that others need to wonder.

What does Ashley get out of the club if it’s not too important about results on the pitch? Most of us know it’s the standing of his sports company and it would be good to know just how much he has gained on the back of us because it is the be and end all of our existence.

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