Date: 16th October 2017 at 10:40pm
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To say we’re sick of the Mike Ashley tenure is a massive understatement and coupled with countless ill-informed opinions of what the real story is here, it goes hand in hand with believing anything official written about the club.

The track record of Ashley isn’t good and away from the horrible decisions and the spin of what actual monies have been invested here, he hasn’t done badly at all out of us. Not badly at all.

We, on the other hand have seen the soul torn away and went from a club that had dreams to challenge, instead being replaced by one that dares to dream of what may happen two games ahead. We’re a changed fan base.

Some may say scarred for life.

Only those that have had Newcastle at heart for many years before Ashley will truly know the damage that has been done over these past ten years that he’s had his name above the door and today’s statement of saying the for sale sign is back up in the front garden wont really mean much aside from idle whisper.

Too many times today have I saw comments on social media where people are in celebratory mood over a fabricated statement that means nowt without an end product. We’ve had lies on a regular basis and for me, it’s just a continuation.

Ashley’s ship has sailed in the football ownership stakes but he gets a lot of support from those who know nothing about Tyneside or what the club means to the area and in the next few weeks we’ll be bombarded with rubbish about our expectation levels which to me is just another notch of the PR brigade.

We were bought for a quick profit and then to promote a tat sports brand, every permutation since has shown the club in a false light whilst one man saw his wallet swell. That wont be given up without a plan.

A sale here wont be just a single transaction but one tarred with the remnants of something that prospers the greedy. Maybe the keeping of the sports shop adverts that have been there as a warning to the club rather than a revenue stream, im not sure but one thing I know is that now is not a time to celebrate because too many times have we celebrated striking gold before it’s been mined.

I take today’s ‘news’ with a pinch of salt like the little white lie by the boy who cried wolf, a boy who eventually got his rewards. I also believe in Karma and surely these last ten years deserve some sort of pay back?

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