Date: 28th December 2017 at 5:05pm
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Recently there’s been some ill informed snipes at our manager, Rafa Benitez from some of our own but yesterday saw this cranked up a further notch by the usual so called experts.

People who get paid to spout their rubbish on TV and just saying things how they reckon they see it but then forgetting what they’ve said in the past that contradicts these views. Or at least that’s what they want the watching audience to do.

Im of course referring to the over the top criticism that we got for only allowing Man City to beat us 1-0 last night as if it is against the rules of the league to park the bus.

Man United did it the other week with a team that’s value isn’t far short of the figure being mentioned in relation to the alleged takeover here with their boss Jose Mourinho being lauded by some.

I hate the fact that we have been relegated twice under Mike Ashley’s ownership and been close to going on a number of times but when we are referred to as a championship side in all but league we occupy, it is because of the number of years of under investment.

That lack of investment in order to try to stay in the division on a budget, is what has caused our squad to be so weak and if we had to play that way yesterday to try to nick something then the premier league usual suspects can stick their comments where the sun has never shined.