Date: 22nd January 2018 at 1:39pm
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If I had a pound for every single piece of seemingly positive action that Newcastle United was going to be taking but then not materialise, at a push I reckon id have in my possession, every single coin that was minted.

This has become rife under the Mike Ashley ownership where the PR people work overtime in order to try to sway the mindset or mask what has really went on.

With Rafa Benitez saying he was told a takeover wasn’t happening some three weeks ago and Ashley knowing a lot longer, the chance to spend in January has been overlooked by distractions by many when the reality is staring everyone in the face.

With twenty two days gone in this trading period that ends next week, time is really running out for the fans to have their expectations met although again, the reality is that investment prospers everyone.

Today sees our local paper The Chronicle add their five pence worth by saying that there could be two deals done this week.

One is the long time discussed target Kenedy who is supposedly wanted in on loan but it’s the other that is more intriguing. The mention of breaking our transfer record on buying a striker.

Whilst The Chronicle have their sources and im not denying they may have been told this about the intention but it’s an easy story to leak with all the negativity around the takeover at present.

A takeover that probably was never going to happen anyway with it’s initial plan to smokescreen the transfer window is easily dismissed by the masses when they are being teased with a big money signing.

It’s apparent to a blind man that we are desperate for a quality striker but without names or any clue as to who or how likely it is to happen, I guess most of this have filed in the crammed full PR cabinet and will only believe it when they’re on the official website with a 5 page spread.

Until then though, it’s tumbleweed all the way.

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