Date: 25th March 2009 at 7:03pm
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As Chris Hughton continues his ridiculous line in siege mentality talk, fooling no-one but himself, our descent to the Championship seemed to speed up with the news that the club have no intention of bring in a decent manager for the remainder of the season. Once again this hell bent view from the club that recovering triple heart bypass surgery victim Joe Kinnear will ride in with four games to go on some sort of white steed and bail us out is evident. Hughton had earlier said:

‘I am convinced I still have the dressing room behind me 100%. It doesn’t worry me in the slightest that a player has supposedly said these things. I think the only thing that you can react to are facts. And at the moment there is no fact to anything that’s been written or from the sources that it’s supposedly coming from. To be honest with you, I just dismiss it.’

The club themselves seem to have picked their horse and are sticking with it, despite the fact it`s the football coaching equivalent of a quadriplegic, stating:

“Mike Ashley is definitely not interested in employing a Red Adair-type figure. He is 100 per cent confident in the ability of his managerial team to get the club out of trouble. There have been no conversations with Terry Venables and there won`t be any with him or anyone else. That`s guaranteed. No chance.

They are not interested in Tel. Mike Ashley remains totally committed to sticking with what they have currently got come what may. He is confident Joe Kinnear will get them out of trouble so there`ll be no new faces. It`s just a question of which game Joe comes back for. His recovery is going exceptionally well. He expects to be back for the Stoke game in some capacity or the Tottenham match if things keep going well.”