Date: 22nd March 2009 at 1:03pm
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As we plummet rapidly towards the relegation trap door, any departure from the Premier League could see us be lumbered with the woefully inadequate stewardship of Mike Ashley for even longer. Since the announcement in September that he was trying to sell the club following protests, everything looked to be being streamlined for a summer sale of the club.

Despite the hilarious attempts to try and value the club at nearly £500m, the wage bill was being whittled down and Kinnear was on a deal until the summer where, it was expected, new owners would come in and install their own set up. Or so we thought…

As the relegation places loomed closer so did the rumours that Kinnear and the Clown Crew would be offered longer deals. All this despite being unable to actually win a game, with Newcastle rewarding failure yet again. Derek Llambias sent out platitudes and begging letters asking for support next season, letting the cat out the bag that the hopeless pr*ck might be here longer than just June.

Then came Kinnear`s heart attack and the announcement that we would be giving our manager with the worst winning percentage ever a new two year deal, with Hughton and Calderwood bundled in just for good measure.

Now we`ve got the threat of these Three ‘Wise` men (literally Lil Den`s Cockney cronies) seemingly ensconced at the club until 2011. Relegation would surely make the club unsellable for Ashley, leading to more farcical scenes in a half empty (at best) stadium and more critical decisions made by a bloke who, to paraphrase Sir Alex Ferguson, couldn`t even spell football let alone understand it.