Date: 22nd October 2017 at 1:46pm
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It’s been long known that newspapers sensationalise a headline to draw you in as the content very rarely matches the build up. It’s become worse in the days of click bait though.

We probably get it more than most here as the people involved in the business know that our massive fan base is desperate to feed their addiction to Newcastle United and understandably gobble up the majority of lies.

Obviously common sense comes to the fore when facts or lack of substance is short or non-existent but it’s an easy snowball to create when everyone adds their spin on a story with this week alone a prime example of something coming out of basically nothing.

The only thing that has been reported this week with any certainty and even then, it’s something that could very easily have been said to create a smokescreen. That being that Newcastle is up for sale.

It’s long been said that a Mike Ashley Newcastle has always been up for sale and this latest announcement is still very suspicious to me as we’re long overdue a changing of the guard. The allowance of free advertising for Ashley’s sports shop as well as doing very little investment whilst diverting revenue streams wont be given up as easily as many people think.

That one statement released by Newcastle just clarifying something that we’ve long believed has spawned various exaggerated versions of the truth with my belief that two poor transfer windows in a row coupled with a likely departure of Rafa Benitez on the back of being lied to, has saw the PR department create a calm of takeover nonsense.

Only problem here is that it will only make things worse, if or when this reverts to type and Ashley says he’s not selling anymore.

What doesn’t help is people ignoring the many lies we have been fed before like the tale by the boy who cried wolf still getting people running down from the hills.

If everything is to be believed then one paper said we have agreed a sale price one minute before the content behind the title says no such thing. Like going from has or is to coulda, shoulda, woulda.

That said, a sale and a chance for new beginnings is going to happen one day and id love to believe that time is approaching, until then I just dont believe the hype.

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