Date: 29th January 2019 at 12:00pm
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We look set for another calm week on Tyneside – how I wish we could say that just once.

The circus that is Mike Ashley’s premiership continues to rumble on and frustrate and with just days left in the window I hold out little hope that anyone is going to come in.

Certainly, some new faces in during the window would be ideal but it seems as though we’re going to be leaving it late to get anything done.

And, amidst the continued worry and speculation over Rafa’s future, his latest transfer update doesn’t exactly convince.

As quoted by Lee Ryder, this is what he had to say:

I think it’s safe to say that he is not hopeful at all with us getting new players in – just look at the recent past under Ashley.

It’s certainly created a bit of a reaction on Twitter, too, so let’s take a closer look at what has been said in light of Rafa’s update:

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5 Replies to “‘It’s all a disgrace’ – These Newcastle fans are far from pleased with Benitez comments”

  • is it just me that is sick of hearing him moaning? get on with the job, stop being negative and have a go at teams. The toon have a squad capable of being between 10th and 14th like last season but Rafa telling the current sqyuad they are not good enough every bloody interview is going to effect them.

  • Not having a propa go at Watford was it for me like. Sick of crap football. The bus will be parked again tonight and Rondon will chase shaddows. He should have played against watford rafa oot with the fat man. i wouldnt give him money anyways look at the crap he has signed of late

  • The blame lies with Ashley 100% Nobody else is affecting this and all the other transfer windows. It is an absolute disgrace that he has got away with it all this time. We’ve heard his lies for the last relevant years. Most managers at NUFC, apart from KK have lied with/for him, at least Rafa has got the balls to be honest with the fans and personally I wouldn’t fault him if this is his last game.

  • People who are saying rafa is being negative and moaning. Since he has been at Newcastle he has given the powers that be lists of who to buy. They go straight to 3rd 4th target(5million average) or don’t bother going for any. They ask for a price for players then put a bid of around half hoping they don’t accept so the Mike Ashley PR machine can say they tried to buy????.Only time they have made an effort was when we went down and Ashley had a fit because he wasn’t getting TV money. We haven’t the players to attack teams. We have needed a top no. 10 for years and someone who can score 15-20 goals a season up front plus a CM or DM and a left back but none of it will happen. Loanees who have hardly played for the last year looks like all we can ask for and that looks a big ask. SAD TIMES TILL ASHLEY GOES. A combined effort by the MAJORITY of NUFC fans hitting Ashley in the pocket is the only thing that will work. But majority of fans won’t come together so he will continue to do what he wants and screw the fans and rafa.

  • He has refused to comment on transfers during this window, he has NOT been moaning at all. He has done previously but not during this transfer window. I think he has been quite restrained and just tried to get on with the job at hand, yesterday was the first time he commented on being disappointed not to have any players added to the squad. The media have made it sound like he is moaning but he has refused to comment every time a media outlet have asked him about transfers, i don’t think i could have been that restrained. The squad when compared to other clubs is not good enough to be finishing 10th-14th, this is largely down to the lack of quality up front/on the wings as we do have strength in depth in the defence. I would take Ings/ Austin/ Redmond, Mitrovic/Schurrle/Babel anyday over our front players but do agree that sometimes we play too negatively instead of really having a go at teams.

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