Date: 1st March 2018 at 3:22pm
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A gamble worth taking by Rafa Benitez?

We`re going to be very defensive this weekend, aren`t we?

It`s funny, even though we`ve got someone like Rafa who was famously cautious even with the likes of Real Madrid and his Liverpool team, we`re still surprised at how we set-up.

We shouldn`t be, of course, we haven`t got the players to go toe-to-toe with other sides right now and, though it`s not always entertaining, I cannot think of another way that would keep us up.
What we do need to do this weekend, though, is pose more of a threat than we did against Man City at home for example.

‘That won`t be hard!` I hear you cry, and well, it shouldn`t be, but only if we risk playing Dwight Gayle up front at Anfield.

Again, it`s not a Rafa trait – especially when the other players will be camped behind the ball – to play someone like Dwight who cannot hold it up at all.

But, with us not expecting much anyway, why not stick someone up there who can run into the channels and cause a shaky defence issues rather than a player that`ll just stand in the middle?

What I also have in mind with this plan – providing Gayle is passed fit as he is expected to be – is that he has a good record against them.

Perhaps I`m getting pointlessly superstitious, but Dwight has caused them serious issues in recent games gone by and those records usually have funny ways of continuing.

Again, we`re not expecting much from this match and so, personally, I think it`s worth a shot. He`s a willing runner, a hard-worker and decent on the break and he`s got history with them – there`s certainly worse options for this weekend.

Agree with me? Let me know if you think Gayle should play in the poll!