Date: 31st October 2013 at 11:23am
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Money is all Ashley cares about. It’s as obvious as obvious can be.

Money is all Ashley cares about. It’s as obvious as obvious can be that he has neither the passion, knowledge or love for the game of football, let alone the administration skills needed to run a Premier League club.

He’s admitted (via his minions) down the line that he’s made mistakes, so he is aware, but he never seems to learn. At all. In fact, if anything, he seems to be getting worse at this running a club malarkey. You’d think after six years he would have an idea of some of the basics, but the recent appointment of Kinnear alone clearly shows there is not one iota of intelligence or knowledge about the game knocking around in Ashley’s mind.

That recent quote from Pardew about him says an awful lot about what goes on behind closed doors at St. James’ Park.

‘He loves football but he sometimes can’t understand how it works and it confuses and upsets him, and when he is upset he does things that aren’t brilliant for the football club.’

So there we have it. He’s a businessman from a background as different from football, as you could get. Even though (ironically) he sells sports and football gear in his main business, that’s where the similarities end.

Buying in shockingly cheaply produced sportsware from sweat shops in the far east for pennies, then stacking them high and selling them cheap through further poorly treated (zero hours based contracted) staff, to westerners with no sense of morals, is one thing.

Running a club, which for all intents and purposes is an entertainment industry, comprising of egotistical multi millionaire sportsmen performing for the pleasure of the baying and paying masses is altogether another.

Football is filled with controversy, opinions, characters, debatable decisions, passion, frustration, joy, elation, anger, but enough about my pre match pints. It’s a completely different animal. An animal, Ashley’s quietly controlling side cannot seemingly understand how to get to grips with.

I’ve never seen any real future with Ashley, but I see no way at all in which his tenure of Newcastle United isn’t going to end in anything other than disaster. The quickest way I can see this coming to an end is if the team starts losing week in, week out, and are relegated.

That would mean Ashley losing the cash cow that is the Premier League, and nrxt time he may not be lucky enough to bounce straight back up, meaning the club’s earnings potential will drop dramatically.

Secondly, the value and therefore potential selling price will plummet accordingly, and because something is only worth what people are willing to pay for it, Ashley may have to cut and run and take a hit.

A much reduced selling price will lead to a larger number of potential buyers (I don’t even want to cross that bridge yet), so a sale would be far more likely to happen.

He can afford to take some sort of hit, after all he’s worth a couple of billion, so what’s losing £60million to him on something that casuses him so much heartache?

Do we will this to happen, or do we just sit staring at this empty shell of a football club, soulless, devoid of any connection with fans and community, filled to the brim with liars and spin merchants, slowly but surely sinking into the abyss.

It’s your call.


One Reply to “Is Relegation, The Fans New Ambition?”

  • I think the guy genuinely hates United’s fans… although a lot seem to love him enough to buy the payday lender shirt of shame, maybe its a different argument though because there were a few wearing it on the march.

    St James has lost its atmosphere, and the empty seats for a cup tie which under Sir Bobby or Keegan would have sold out are a testament to what he’s doing to our club…that is a far bigger march of silence.

    The club is saying silence is support…well it isn’t, the walk away has necessitated the club to shift people and create a top tier which can be filled with fluctuation of away fans and a huge family section along with match day tickets.

    He’s seemingly planning to run the club down, till he literally takes the supporters down a level, its even easier to run United as a 35,000 capacity…and close the top tier for good.

    …you don’t need any ambition at all.

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