Date: 27th February 2018 at 9:58pm
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It’s long been reported that Peter Beardsley is on leave to do his garden but being serious for a moment, is this all a misunderstanding?

With The Times reporting fresh claims of further bullying stuff, we have to be careful with what the facts actually are before we hang by judge and jury.

We have also to remember that there has to be certain leeways allowed in life for the older person who now has to endure a changed mentality of what society allows whilst remembering that they may have lived through the alternative for a much longer timescale than we give credit for in changing with that social agenda.

As a human who has lived from the 1970’s and right through. Im a person who has witnessed racist taunts and songs on the terraces at St James’ Park as well as right throughout the country, im more inclined to see Beardsley as some sort of victim here, the longer this goes on.

He’s a victim of the new world that has taken over everyone whether that be the politically correct one or the one where there’s an ‘ism’ for every breath never mind word.

I think back to times at St James’ when black players or anyone with a tan for that matter, got the racist songs. It was the mentality of things back then and with me being a kid saw nothing wrong as it seemed liked banter. It was acceptable and when things seem acceptible they become the norm.

As time has went on, this sort of chanting has been eradicated from the game as it is plainly wrong and is understandable how intimidating and embarrassing it must have been for the player on the receiving end back then but again, I was just a kid with very few years of the British culture under my belt to be used to it. Something that was rife on telly as soon as thirty odd years ago with comedians basing their whole programmes on it at one time, some of the Black American stand ups still do but that’s a different story.

Beardsley is a decade older than me and having been brought up where things were not what they were nowadays, he may not the experience of watching what he’s saying in his maturing years. Saying the things he has been accused of saying is not the same as treating them differently based by the colour of their skin or the language that comes out of their gobs, so it’s a fine line in my eyes.

Now if Beardsley has an issue with categorising players on their racial authenticity then that is a different matter altogether than how he chooses to speak to them as one can be given understanding to help whilst the other would need help to understand.

If it’s proven he has bullied because of skin colour then he should be sacked. End of. Nee excuses but if it’s for something that he has an issue with expression then maybe he needs to be given some help.