Date: 13th June 2017 at 10:34am
Written by:

Most of us suspicious lot will suspect that the latest takeover rumours sweeping Tyneside and the football world are with the usual hidden intention.

That being to fill time with the focus on the wrong thing.

Obviously like the boy who cried wolf, there can be a time where truth reigns but because of the amount of false calls before, there’ll always come a time where it will bite us on the bum. Although in theory, the real priorities still need attention.

Transfer deals take time of course and with the transfer window not supposedly being open until July 1st, we seem to still have that but it was reported last week in our local press, The Chronicle, that the window opened then so it’s a confusing scenario with people getting frustrated.

The latest talk whether there actually is a takeover or just talks of a company wanting to invest to get their name written on something cant gloss over the fact that we need major investment in the squad still with transfer talks going quiet on the back of the latest news.

With the fixtures out early tomorrow morning, we need signings soon to calm everyone down although even then we’re not sure if things are on hold with a potential change brewing.

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