Date: 11th October 2007 at 11:29am
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Just like DJ Pied Piper, the journos covering England this week are really ‘loving it, loving it, loving it` covering the whole super-hyped sensation that is the club v country grumblings surrounding Michael Owen. Following Shaun Custis in yesterday`s Currant Bun throwing allegations and rumours about like a London Zoo monkey chucking its own sh*t, the Mirror, Independent and Mail seem to have hoyed their chunky frames onto the bandwagon and followed suit.

Today`s articles are about the dangers of plastic pitches and also a dossier passed to England by Newcastle on the player`s fitness that he may or may not be aware of. The plastic pitch debate is quite interesting in the sense that both Alexei Smertin and Gary O`Connor who have played there in club football have expressed problems turning and aching for days afterwards.