Date: 15th March 2017 at 10:35am
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Mo Diamé confirmed his retirement from international football with the usual clarification via the official Newcastle website.

Having played at that level for his country Senegal since 2011, it looks like he’ll end his stint with 36 caps.

Giving his reasons behind retiring, Diamé says it is a decision that he’s given a lot of thought to, personally I haven’t been impressed with him at all for us since he joined but if it’s down partly to playing for his country then it’s honest of him to realise this and make an attempt to change.

Quoted from the Newcastle website, Diamé said:

It`s been a big decision and a tough one as well because I really wanted to keep playing for my country. But I need to be honest, and give the opportunity to other players who feel strong and are in better form than me.

It`s not an easy decision, but I hope with all the rest that I will get from now I will be fresh to give my best for Newcastle,” said Diamé.

I know Newcastle is a massive club, and people have big expectations. I know that it is important when you are in a club like this, you have to perform at 100 per cent – even 200 per cent.

It was important for me to take this decision for the rest of my career.

Diamé quits Senegal having played 36 games for them with 1 goal and his season with us having a contribution of 3 league goals in 29 games compared to 3 goals in 4 games in the league cup.