Date: 4th December 2017 at 11:25am
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I remember the school days of old when at one time of the year you’d track down one of the less popular kids that usually get picked on as you knew they had a pocket radio.

Im of course talking about the FA Cup draw when back in the day it was broadcast on some medium wave channel and the sound of the balls clinking around that velvet bag is one of those unforgettable events in a football supporting kids life.

All crowded round these radios with tension mounting at the mere mention of the words ‘Newcastle United’ or what number the ball was, the main stress was if we could get one of the big boys at home and then still try and make it into the dinner hall before the kitchen shut.

More times than enough there was disappointment though as away trips to the likes of Exeter and co were equalled with rumbling bellies all desperate for home time and the biscuit tin.

Nothing much has changed some 30 years plus on as the disappointment still reigns as the competition hasn’t been taken seriously since Mike Ashley rode in here some ten years ago although an alleged £20m kitty to be shared if we win the cup has been mooted in the papers.

With takeovers and transfer windows featuring highly now on the gossip columns, this cup draw is a little distraction from the daily grumbles and for that little bit buzz tonight, we’re number 28.

Romantic ties aside where we could face any of our local rivals or the lowest ranking sides in the competition, you just know we’re going to get a banana skin. We’ll find out after seven tonight.