Date: 1st August 2018 at 5:20pm
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What is it with some people?

Although, under our present circumstances, we accept that the club has to sell in order to raise funds to buy, or a bit of wheeling and dealing as Rafael Benitez puts it, we’re not mad enough to sell our star defender Jamaal Lascelles.

Last month, here at Vital Newcastle, we ran several articles relating to the player, including, Click Here and Click Here, it hasn’t stopped yet more speculation appearing relating to the club captain.

Searching through the social network sites I stumbled across the following:

Now I accept that Everton are a club with big ambitions, even more so after living in the shadows of Liverpool for so long and I also readily recognise that to back up this ambition they have been far more active in the transfer window that perhaps we have, however how many times do we have to shout from the rooftops that Jamaal Lascelles is not for sale?

Or is it a case that if enough speculative column inches are generated then it will eventually happen?

Let’s sincerely hope not


2 Replies to “Classy Newcastle Defender Linked With Yet Another Premier League Club”

  • First off, let’s get this straight, Everton haven’t bid for Lascelles or it would be all over the media. Secondly to answer BillytheFish, he would or wouldn’t come to Everton because your owner would or wouldn’t sell, simple as that my friend. I’ve a feeling that anyone with the right money can buy any of Newcastles players.
    It’s all down to Mr Ashley, and my guess is that if the right offer comes, then Lascelles is gone, be it to Everton or another club. If that happens then I can see Rafa jumping ship.
    It’s time for all your fan groups to come up with a plan of action to get Ashley to sell or you will be living the nightmare till he gets tired of his bitterness towards you.

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