Date: 17th July 2017 at 4:50pm
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Coming on the back of many fans recent transfer frustrations, there finally seems some incoming news to cheer the mood as it seems Mike Ashley has remembered we do have money after all.

This comes as many of the usual suspects including Sky, The Chronicle and all the major papers saying that we’ve agreed a fee with Norwich for winger Jacob Murphy.

The price for the 22 year old who is allegedly a lifelong Newcastle fan is said to be between £12m and £12.5m.

Most of us aren’t bothered about the price, more that it’s the statement it makes by finally showing that funds will be spent. Hopefully this calms things down a bit with the Rafa Benitez leaving stories and we can carry on by strengthening the other positions needed.

Murphy is expected to fly to Ireland later when Newcastle are away for a few days in a training camp. Once there, it is expected that the formalities are pretty much done in regards to fees and wages but all the medical stuff will take place.

This should be tied up pretty quickly from here unless there is some last minute hitch which shouldn’t be ruled out mind. This is Newcastle after all.